Astoria Oregon Cannery Cafe and #10 6th St Fire Collected Media

Critical data in support of the many businesses and community services that were destroyed in the Cannery Cafe - #10 6th Street Fire. Thanks for looking. -sr


  1. Astoria Downtown Historic District Association President Tiffany Estes and Director of Clatsop CASA Ann Lederer talk about the effects of The Astoria Fire, the outpouring of generosity and community support, and the social media tools being built to help coordinate resources to assist those affected in their recovery.
  2. Astoria Fire Blog: Go here to ask for or offer help. (link above)

    The Astoria Fire blog is provided by the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association in collaboration with the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce to offer assistance to the people, businesses and organizations that were displaced by the fire in Astoria, Oregon on the night of December 16, 2010. The fire consumed Gunderson’s Cannery Cafe, as well as No. 10 Sixth Street, which housed many professional offices and social service organizations.

    If you have information to share regarding available space, furniture, office equipment or other resources that can assist the relocation process please post it here. Conversely, if you were directly impacted by the fire and need links to resources, post your questions here.

    Any questions about the site, please contact Tiffany Estes, 503-325-4485.

    Also, for in-depth discussion of recovery issues, or sharing your stories related to assisting those affected by this fire,  please go to the Astoria Fire Recovery Talk facebook page.

  3. UPDATE - NEWEST INFO Friday, 11:45pm:

    Hello all,

    ADHDA has a website up for information sharing regarding response to the fire. It is a WordPress blog site that allows people to post information and connect resources with needs (focused on relocation of displaced businesses). There are separate pages for:

    - need space
    - need stuff
    - have space
    - have stuff
    - services
    - work

    This keeps the info a little more organized than dumping it all on a single facebook page, and makes it more efficient by enabling people to post directly to the site. The data collected and disseminated earlier today is already there. We'll just add to it from this point forward.

    Any questions or comments, let me know. I'll continue to facilitate this communication as much as possible until things return to normal.

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  6. Clatsop CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) was housed in the #10 6th Street Building. So far it appears that everything was lost. Please watch the Clatsop CASA facebook page for updates.
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