San Francisco 49ers Superfans of Santa Cruz County

We've been taking nominations for the biggest 49ers fan in our area, here are some of the photos, video and Facebook posts we've received. It's not too late - e-mail, tag us on facebook and we'll consider your nominations.


  1. Paula Panelli is by far the biggest Niner fan. She had season tickets with her dad when they played at Kezar Stadium and has been a faithful ever since. She has a whole room in her house full of 49er memorabilia. She has had a party for every playoff and super bowl game they have ever had. Definite die hard Niner fan.
  2. Evan Schmitt! He put a gigantic oversized 49er helmet on his head when they won and ran up and own Beach St. People were cheering and posing with him. We have pictures and video. He has been a 49er fan his whole life. His Stepfather had season tickets since the 70's and he grew up going to games.He has a room dedicated to the and sleeps with his 49er blanket every night. Even his Christmas tree was adorned with 49er helmets! He knows the old school niner songs too! He also went to the 49er Santa Cruz Fire Department games every year.
  3. By far my neighbor has to be at the top of the list, he lives by Deluxe Foods in Aptos, he has 49er memorabilia all over the front of the house and lawn. Furthermore, he has a sign for ANYONE to come into his house and watch the game with him. He also has a large scoreboard on the front of his garage which is visible as you drive to the store. If you have to run out for some game time beer, you can always check the score as you leave the store or even stop in for a beer (he updates the score every quarter!), it doesn't matter who you are, all are welcome. I think he epitomizes the spirit of the team! A real champion! He also solicits honks from passers by who also happen to be 49er faithfuls, needless to say, I always honk too!
  4. I think a tie between Joe Ferrara and Mark Swanson. Joe owns Atlantis Fantasy World and Mark owns the 100h7 on soquel Ave. I would have to say that because Joe sings the anthem for S.F. teams once in awhile he may have the edge in voice; but not in heart.
  5. I would have to say it's my nephew Andrew Gomez he is in Afghanistan and still make sure he knows what's going on with his team
  6. I'd like to nominate my co-worker Patrick - he jerseys up every Friday, has season tickets, and is so obsessed with watching the games that if he has to tape one, he gets rather cross with people mentioning the outcome to him before he watches!
  7. The most loyal and most faithful was my dear friend Jan S. I know she was dancing in heaven when they won to go to SuperBowl!!I think she is our angel in the outfield-so to speak!!! She was a fan for over 45 years!!!!!