Memorial Day Weekend in Santa Cruz, 2012

A collection of images, video, tweets and links about the 2012 Memorial Day Weekend in Santa Cruz County


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  7. Danny Keith My Memorial Day Tribute THANK YOU to all the men and women that have served. The ones that didn't make it back and the ones that did. Without your service our country could not have the potential to be the best in the world. I implore everyone to thank a veteran EVERYDAY when you see one. Adam L. Flechsig Dave Keith Bill Goodelle Nick Balesteri please tag your veteran in this post so we can all pay a gratitude of thanks. ♥ to all the veterans on this holiday. If you are off work and bbq'ing take a moment and say a quick thank you before you revel in a commercial holiday. At one point these men and women signed a blank check for their life so that you could have yours. ~From Danny Joe Keith namesake of a Marine KIA 1967 Vietnam War
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