Shelby Grad

City Editor, Los Angeles Times. News junkie. L.A. junkie. Junk food junkie.


professional photographer

Rhoda Weiss

Analyst. Music lover. Thinker. Coffee aficionado. Typical troublemaker. Web practitioner.

Glenn Bean

Freelance problem solver. Avid music lover. Writer. Tv nerd. Web trailblazer.

Sonya Farrell

Proud internet enthusiast. Devoted baconaholic. Infuriatingly humble entrepreneur.

Dollie Harris

Passionate beer specialist. Explorer. Organizer. Social media buff. Pop culture evangelist. General writer.

Leona Allen

Infuriatingly humble web evangelist. Prone to fits of apathy. Avid coffee advocate. Unapologetic internet guru.

Dennis Kramer

Food specialist. Passionate web aficionado. Professional coffee trailblazer. Award-winning writer. Prone to fits of apathy.

Dustin Cantu

Twitter maven. Problem solver. Troublemaker. Typical social media evangelist.

Nathan Campos

Tv trailblazer. General music expert. Student. Zombie lover. Total twitter fanatic. Travel fanatic. Incurable coffee enthusiast. Social media buff.

Terrie Peck

Zombie scholar. Subtly charming music fanatic. Pop culture fan. Infuriatingly humble web trailblazer. Incurable writer.

Margery Sellers

Extreme introvert. Devoted explorer. Twitter geek. Coffee buff. Incurable bacon fanatic. Born and breed in the UK.

Debi Thompson-Boring

Josh (Hostels)

Mnemonist in training at Traveling web publisher. Hostels.

Dave Allen

Digital editor at the Marin Independent Journal, the DigitalFirst Media property in Marin County, Calif.