1. When you assign students to do research, do they automatically "just google" it? If so, they are in good company and you might be too. Most teachers are not satisfied with the research skills of their students, as is evidenced in a recent Pew Research Center study.
  2. Would you agree that "just googling" is not enough?
  3. The teaching of search does not have to be a "fail". It can be easily integrated into any learning activity which requires the search for background knowledge. Be sure to read the comments at the end of the blog post.
  4. I love the approach taken by Michelle Luhtala at the New Canaan High School. She carefully scaffolds the key resources, explaining how to access them and why they are relevant and efficient ways to search. 
  5. I have done something similar by creating sites for specific classes. I will happily do this for your class.
  6. Post-secondary schools are concerned about the skills students are bringing to them.
  7. At Solon, we are working with Kirkwood CC librarians to explore how we can partner to insure that our students are prepared when they leave SHS. 
  8. We also use tools like TRAILS to assess our strengths and weaknesses.
  9. It is my role in the district to provide the training, resources and hands-on assistance needed by teachers and students to learn how to get beyond the simplest Google query and to the thoughtful search that expands knowledge and encourages a spirit of inquiry. 
  10. The ability to plan strategies utilizing digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information is an essential skill in the Iowa Core.
    Contact me. I'd love to work with you.