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Please Hire Scott Rocketship (@scottrocketship)

I am a copywriter who was recently laid off from my full-time position at a mobile and web app technology startup. I used Storify, a web service originally designed for curating news stories from social media sources, to build this interactive résumé in just a few hours. Please hire me. Thanks.


  1. This is what I look like.

  2. Please Note: if you hire me, I may have to work from underneath a cat from time to time. She may also make her presence known during Skype sessions or Google+ Hangouts.
  3. An Overview -- Where I was, where I'm going.

    I dropped the following tweet bomb to kick-off my work search.
  4. I'm happy to entertain full-time opportunities with the right company, but am actively seeking freelance and short-term contract work at the moment.
  5. If you can't tell from this Storify, I also enjoy the hell out of social media work.
  6. Selected Writing and Presentations

    A curated collection of articles, presentations, and other projects where I contributed most, if not all, of the written words.
  7. A post on my personal blog about how I edit and organize web content and other non-fiction writing.
  8. The Field Guide is a manifesto-of-sorts about startup life I authored with the team at BitMethod.
  9. My wife is the editor and community manager for an alternative-culture website dedicated to the home. Think Martha or Better Homes and Gardens, but with more tattoos and yurts. I guest-authored the above post about setting up a home entertainment center.
  10. Somewhat ironically, one of the most popular articles I've ever authored is about how to find work at startups. A lot of very nice people said very nice things about it.
  11. I presented on some of my writing tips and tricks at the 2011 BarCamp in Des Moines.
  12. MailChimp has some of the best writers working on the web today. Love.

    The Flyover Effect

    I co-hosted, produced, and edited over 30 episodes of a weekly podcast about startups, design, and all things internet with the small team at BitMethod. Here are a few of my favorite episodes: