Protecting Scotland's education

Last week, we put a challenge to the SNP. See what happened here:


  1. Across Scotland, our councils have been feeling the impact of SNP cuts. In his budget this autumn, John Swinney announced that he would be disproportionately cutting local government services again - while putting pressure on them to deliver even more. Council leaders across Scotland have cried out:
  2. With education already under so much strain...
  3. ...we knew we had to protect the education budget for Scotland - and the other vital public services the SNP are planning to cut:
  4. But as we made that pledge, Nicola Sturgeon put a challenge to us. Last Tuesday, we accepted her challenge, and put one forward to the SNP in return. See what the First Minister asked us to do - and how we responded - in this short video:
  5. Today, we put forward a challenge to the SNP
  6. On Tuesday morning in Edinburgh, Kez gave a speech outlining the details of how we are going to protect education and other vital services.
  7. Commentators and experts alike noted the challenge we put to the SNP:
  8. The SNP made some confusing statements about our plan - tying themselves in knots with contradictory arguments:
  9. Pretty soon, everyone from the experts to trade unions, and from commentators to council leaders were lining up to back our plan to protect Scotland's education and other vital public services - and back the fact that lower income taxpayers would gain under our plan.