Anti-Bullying Week 2013

Anti-Bullying Week 2013, 18-22 November, called on children and young people to take the lead in creating a future without bullying – using new technology to promote positive communication rather than being held back by cyber bullying.


  1. "I experienced years of bullying because I am disabled"

  2. One Trendsetter wanted to use technology to share her experience of being bullied. She wanted to send out a positive message about stopping bullying by creating this short film on bullying.
  3. So far her story has been viewed nearly 8,000 times.
  4. I was bullied because I am disabled - Anti-Bullying Week 2013 - Scope video
  5. We posted the video on our blog, with details of organisations that can provide support and advice about bullying.  
  6. "Don't keep it to yourself"

  7. People were very moved by the video, sharing their thoughts, experiences and fears on our Facebook wall. Over 250 people said they liked the video and lots of people shared it with their friends. Everyone agreed that bullying has to stop.
  8. I am a speech and language therapist working with children with autism and one of the secondary schools I work in provides peer training on autism, which has been very successful in raising awareness at this critical age. My daughter has a physical disability and it would be great to see something like that for physical disabilities offered in schools and clubs :)
  9. Bullying is such a terrible thing ..............
  10. Bullies are cowards & will only pick on certain people that wont fight back.. horrible people :-(
  11. This is such an incredibly sad story :(
  12. Very powerful video. This is one of my main fears for my daughter as she grows up.
  13. Thank you for your comments! One of the Trendsetters on our blog said that the best way to beat bullying is to “Be a strong person within yourself, believe in yourself and always have confidence in expressing your emotions.” How can we support people to gain that confidence?
  14. Our video was shared by some big organisations too, like the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and Netbuddy, who made a blog about it.
  15. On Twitter, we asked for people to share the film and give their tips to beat bullying. Lots of people did!
  16. Some famous people - including comedian Richard Herring and Olympic athlete Sophie Christiansen - were kind enough to spread the word. This helped us reach thousands more people with an anti-bullying message.