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Stop Arming Israel week of action targets HSBC and Elbit

28 different actions took place accross the UK from 1st to 7th July 2017 calling for an immediate two way arms embargo against Israel. Activists closed down factories and two branches of HSBC bank, held public meetings, took action online and distributed 1000's of information flyers.


  1. What inspired us to act? The call from the Palestinian movement for Boycott, Divestment and Santions!
  2. Arms companies around the world are profiting from Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine. Along with the banks that invest in them, these companies are on our doorsteps. We took action to stop them on the third anniversary of Israel’s 2014 attacks on the Gaza Strip.
  3. We kicked off the week of action on 1st July. By 11am HSBC's main branch in central Brighton was closed.
  4. Shortly followed by Oxford Street, London
  5. Then there were pickets all around the country...
  6. ... including Manchester, where the local racist pro-Israel were very scared that people might hear the truth!
  7. News started to spread and messages of support came in from around the world.
  8. Why HSBC?
  9. But, it wouldn't be fair if we ONLY targetted the banks. So some people paid a visit to their local Israeli arms factory, Ferranti, in Oldham...
  10. ...and closed it down for a while!
  11. Ferranti is one of four UK factories owned by Elbit Systems, one of Israel's biggest arms companies, which markets its weapons as ‘field-tested’ on Palestinian bodies and land. Elbit's UK factories are: UAV systems in Shenstone; Instro Precison in Broadstairs, Ferranti in Oldham and Elite KL in Tamworth.
  12. On Thursday it was the turn of UAV engines in Shenstone, Staffordshire.
  13. And at the same time we heard about this action in Australia!
  14. Friday morning. The warmongers were hoping for a return to their profiteering, but we had other ideas.