#soSEA 1: Shared Science

ScienceOnlineSeattle is a monthly discussion series exploring how the internet is changing how we do and share our science. Our inaugural event on April 16, 2012 was about "Shared Science: new realities for research and outreach in a networked world."


  1. The Lead Up

  2. ScienceOnlineSeattle exists because of the phenomenal annual conference and ScienceOnlineNOW.org community. It was specifically inspired by ScienceOnlineNYC (#soNYC) and catalyzed by conversations with Lou Woodley and John Timmer as well as a friendly competition with the organizers of ScienceOnline Bay Area.
  3. The Event

  4. The topic for discussion:  Shared Science: new realities for research and outreach in a networked world
    Overview: The digital age is profoundly reshaping our information landscape, challenging us with an unprecedented opportunity to transform how we conduct and communicate research. ScienceOnlineSeattle will kick off with an exploration of what exactly it means to do science in a digital world. How does it work? Who is involved? What are their incentives? Where do we go from here? Join us as we explore how our worlds are changing and the new realities and future.

    Lisa Graumlich, UW College of the Environment 

    Firas Khatib, UW Department of Biochemistry, Foldit

    Seth Cooper, UW Department of Computing, FoldIt

    Brian Glanz, Open Science Federation 

    We know our community is bigger than just those who can be in the room together, so we have a livestream! (Note: we're working on trimming the file - things start up at the 14 minute mark)
  5. Introductions and Remarks

  6. The #soSEA co-organizers are Liz Neeley of COMPASS, Jen Davison of the UW College of the Environment, and Brian Glanz of Open Science Federation. Find us tweeting @LizNeeley, @JenEDavison, and @BrianGlanz. Liz moderated, Jen ran the livesteam & twitterfeed, while Brian was moonlighting as a guest speaker. 
  7. Lisa Graumlich is the first Dean of the University of Washington's College of the Environment. She is an Aldo Leopold Leadership fellow and passionately supports science communication. Find her at @LisaGraumlich
  8. Seth Cooper is the creative director of the Center for Game Science at UW, and the co-creator and lead designer and developer of Foldit.