#AskHelen: Questions for the first Brit in space

On Friday 8th March (International Women's Day), Dr. Helen Sharman - the first Briton ever to travel into space - visited the Science Museum as part of our High Performance festival to give a speech to school children and take part in a Twitter Q&A.


  1. After a number of tweets leading up to International Women's day, Helen began her day in the Museum speaking with a group of 300 school children. Helen described her life as a scientist and astronaut abord the Mir space station, which she visited for 8 days in 1991. 
  2. After a break for lunch, Helen took an hour out of her day to sit down and answer questions via twitter
  3. The questions covered everything, from tea drinking, eating, washing the dishes and cleaning your teeth...
  4. to science and technology... 
  5. Helen was asked about those who inspire her...
  6. and to give advice for the next generation...