1. That should be the first warning sign for a science audience. Gary Ruskin runs US Right To Know, a corporate front group funded by Organic Consumers Association to attack scientists. His "Board" consists of political operatives, like Lisa Graves, who runs the conspiracy site Sourcewatch and was an attorney for the Clinton administration,
  2. This is the goal of anti-science activists, they even wrote a primer for other groups, as exposed in  http://www.science20.com/science_20/when_it_comes_to_neonics_activists_understand_pr_better_than_chemical_companies_do-150299 . But JAMA is in competition with open access journals so their peer review is scant these days.
  3. The Director of National Intelligence exposed environmental group links to the Kremlin, using the Sea Change Foundation to launder they money, it is said. Gary Ruskin is reported to be under investigation for violating the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act.  https://medium.com/the-method/organic-industry-funded-ngo-accused-of-colluding-with-russia-4818624744c2  Russia Today is the propaganda arm of Putin and routinely gets links to publish from Ruskin.
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