Scio13: Blogging for the Long Haul

On the first day of Science Online 2013, Dr. Zen and I led a discussion section on "Blogging for the Long Haul". We got a lot of out it, and hope you did, too!


  1. Zen's Intro post is here. And mine is here.

    The oldest science blogs are just hitting their ten year blogiversaries. A lot of blogs have come and gone in that time. Will you still be blogging in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? What does it take to write a blog (or other online project) for the long haul? Many creative people have at one time or another faced the dreaded “writer’s block” or its equivalent. How do you break out of creative slumps, dry spells, and blocks so that you do not disappear from the scene? What are the warning signs that you disconnect entirely? Is there a good balance between the rush to say something current, to be the first, and writing something of substance, that people will remember? Are you confident that someone will be able to read your blog ten years from today? And would they find anything worth reading?
  2. Great attendance for the session!
  3. Everyone loved our masks (which will remain unexplained), but because everyone was so interested in the masks, no one noticed that Dr. Zen was wearing an awesome KILT! And for a reason! Learn of Zen's fearlessness here.
  4. Didn't notice his kilt, but DID notice my Cosmic tights. :)
  5. (Dr. Zen totally thought he was the "oldest" blogger, but Chad Orzel, @fcain, and Anton Zuiker came through!!
  6. We started out asking: why do you blog? And why, more importantly, do you want to KEEP blogging?