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SCIAF - WEE BOX, BIG Change Launch 2012 with Susan Boyle

SCIAF launched our WEE BOX, BIG Change campaign with Susan Boyle at St Augustine's High School in Edinburgh on Shrove Tuesday. Help us raise funds for people in the developing world


  1. “SCIAF and its work with people living in poverty in developing countries is really close to my heart and always has been. I’m happy that I’m now in a position to help them more than I used to be able to. 

    “It’s going to be really tough giving up chocolate for Lent again so it was great to tuck into a small feast with the young people today. It’s been great fun and I know every penny raised from the Wee Box, Big Change campaign will help people in need.”
     - Susan Boyle
  2. Susan makes a tough old pledge - to give up chocs for Lent!
  3. Susan Boyle cooks up an storm in a flipping brilliant turn at the SCIAF WEE BOX launch
  4. "SCIAF’s works in some of the most serious and difficult environments in the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot fun raising funds to support its work.

    "Today’s launch with Susan and the marvellous young people of St Augustine’s will hopefully inspire more people to join the campaign and give up a wee treat during Lent, put the money they save in a WEE BOX, and donate it to help SCIAF’s work!” - Cardinal Keith O'Brien, SCIAF Chairperson

  5. Pancakes all round for Susan and SCIAF
  6. Susan Boyle was an absolute delight and made the kids at St Augustine's smile
  7. Susan and the Cardinal were on top cooking form
  8. Susan says hello to WEE BOX 2012
  9. Susan Boyle was on great form as she showed her culinary skills to help combat poverty
  10. Usually known for her wonderful and angelic voice, did you know Susan flips a mean pancake?
  11. Susan and her great pancake tossing skills made it to the Daily Mail Shrove Tuesday round-up
  12. Huffington Post cover Susan Boyle and her pancakes!
  13. Parlez Vous Francais? Susan's support makes waves over the channel!