Photo Friday - Robin Hood Tax

SCIAF have been campaigning for Tax Justice for a while now and we thought we'd share some of the fantastic pictures we have collected on the amazing journey so far

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  1. The financial system is broken. The world’s most vulnerable people are paying the price. Food prices rise. Climate change destroys crops, homes and lives. Yet bankers are back to risky business as usual. It’s time to stop asking the most vulnerable to pay for the financial crisis. It’s time for a Robin Hood Tax. We're all Robin Hoodies, are you?
  2. Robin takes on the bankers in George Square, Glasgow in a spot of Tug of War!
  3. SCIAF and Robin Hood take on the bankers in Glasgow
  4. The Bankers throw their weight around, but Robin stands firm for justice
  5. SCIAF backs the Robin Hood Tax
  6. T in the Park festival goers make the right choice and join Robin's merry band!
  7. More people joining the merry band of Robin Hood
  8. SCIAF staff drum up support at T in the Park
  9. T in the Park for Robin
  10. Val and Chris of SCIAF push for more people to stand up for Tax Justice
  11. Promoting the Robin Hood Tax campaign at T in the Park
  12. The West End Festival saw more people make the right choice and back the Robin Hood Tax
  13. The West End Festival joins the band of merry men and women
  14. Robin Hood and SCIAF campaigners hand over your postcards to Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland. We're now pushing for David Cameron to stop blocking the tax.
  15. Robin Hood hands over campaign postcards to Michael Moore
  16. This man clearly feels the Robin Hood Tax would make a difference to him in Yelluvahalli outside Bangalore
  17. Backing for the Robin Hood Tax in Bangalore
  18. The Robin Hood Tax would have positive effects on so many people across the developing world. This young man from Yelluvahalli outside Bangalore would love to see the tax set up
  19. Avinash Persaud of Intelligence Capital says the Robin Hood Tax would be good for growth. He calls for us not to listen to the bankers's warnings that it would cause a nuclear winter
  20. Tholasamma is the star of our RHT campaign postcard. She received training from SCIAF partners in India to help her grow enough food for her family all year round. With 2.5billion people around the world depending on agriculture for their livelihoods, the money raised from a Robin Hood Tax could help even more farmers like Tholasamma to survive the impacts of climate change, and work their way out of poverty. 

  21. SCIAF Campaigns Officer Lexi Barnett promotes the Robin Hood Tax campaign to Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Take action for a Robin Hood Tax today 
  22. SCIAF meets Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg on Robin Hood Tax