Archaeology in times of war: Cultural heritage in Syria, part 3

Artillery shelling in Tel Halaf, lists of archaeological objects to be illegally traded on the world's antiquity markets, explosions in Aleppo's unique citadel: The summary of Syria's archaeological and historical heritage damaged between mid-October and mid-November 2012 is again no short one.


  1. Aleppo

  2. A German TV team visited Aleppo in the middle of October. Even if you don't understand German, the 5:42 min. video is impressive.
  3. "Only war in a ghost town": Short, good introduction into Aleppo's historical and archaeological meaning plus the current situation by PBS News of October 25th.
  4. Syrian Civil War Threatens Destruction of Ancient Aleppo
  5. How far the city's historical buildings are involved in the conflict is made clear in this article of Associated Press from October 15th. Describing the fighting in the in the Umayyad Mosque (that is heavinly damaged in consequence) the article says: "In the past few weeks, rebels controlled one entrance to the mosque compound while the army controlled the other." The article gives another aspect of this conflict: "the regime and the rebels are now trading accusations over who is responsible for the fire". This applies not only for Aleppo but probably for the most historic and archaeological sites.
  6. Video posted on November 12th: Snipers on top of the Umayyad Mosque's minaret:
  7. Alep Snipers au sommet du minaret de la mosquée Omayyade
  8. Photos posted on November 6th:
  9. Video posted on 29th of October: Damages in a Byzantine church, region of Aleppo.
  10. Alep Impact de balles église byzantinne ريف حلب تدمير جدران كنيسة قديمة
  11. Video posted on 31st of October: Explosion in the Aleppo's citadel.
  12. Alep Explosion dans la citadelle حلب انفجار ضخم في القلعة 31.10.2012
  13. Damascus

  14. Archaeologists from the National Museum in Damascus are trying to protect the museum's key pieces by placing them in a safe location (video posted end of October).
  15. SIRIA. Los museos se blindan
  16. Tell Halaf

  17. So sad to have to post also this: On November 9th "Le patrimoine archéologique Syrien en danger" writes: "Hasakeh -Tell Halaf under threat: Installation of heavy weaponry in the archaeological tel/ the Aramaean city-state of Guzana."
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  19. See also these Tweets of November 11th: