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Apple iPad Ad Analysis

Apple is such a magical marketer and the ads positioning the iPad are genius. I wanted to learn from the ad so I spent hours reviewing it and this is what I found.


  1. Apple's Magical Marketing
  2. Apple - iPad - TV Ad - All On iPad
  3. Here are the words in Apple's iPad ad:

    Read it, Tweet it, Be Surprised, Be Productive, Make A Sale, Make Some Lunch, Make It Movie Night, Play A Game, Or An Old Favorite, Do It All More Beautifully…

    30 brilliant words. Note the use of action verbs and the patterns.

    Read It – vacation picture in a magazine of Jamaca.

    Tweet It – picture of a Kandinsky from the Guggenheim website.

    Be Surprised – beautiful laughing woman.

    Be Productive – cool chart moved with a single finger.

    Make A Sale – beautiful pictures of fruit then a single finger writing Max.

    Make Some Lunch – beautiful picture of food, page flip in a recipe book.

    Make It Movie Night – children acting out a pirate home movie.

    Play A Game – cars racing so lifelike it looks real and one car is down on the infield so danger.

    Or An Old Favorite – switch to music and a picture of John Coltrane’s Blue Train album.

    Do It All More Beautifully – Pinterest-like pictures of people in cool vacation-like places.

    I counted the number of people included in this 32-second spot. Counting wasn’t easy because many of the people are subliminal in the background (look behind the woman laughing and you realize she is in a diner and her daughter is talking to her on her iPad that is what is making her laugh). There are close to 30 people in the spot. Almost one person per second of film!!!

    Earlier today I wrote that Apple gets a pass on my People not Things sell. When your things are as cool as iPads and iPhones people project themselves into the image. They "see" themselves using the superhero tool in their imagination.