Increasing the success of low income students

This month the Teaching Ahead group focused on ways to increase the success of low income students. We did this with a solution centered mindset where we asked what we need to have in place or create to initiate the positive changes we want to see or to sustain the efforts that are working now.

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  1. Mr. Bernia led us right into question two.
  2. Question 3 asked what systems & structures need to change to improve learning for low income students?
  3. The question of adequate funding in tight economic times came up from several participants. This group brought it back to solutions and a laser sharp focus on the key issues.
  4. There  were several great side discussions on field experiences for students. This was seen as an opportunity to expand the view and world for kids from lower income families. One of our regular participants, Marshia R.,  is exceptionally good at this and offered some advice.
  5. We could spend an entire day on the technology gap. This may be an opportunity to post ideas in the off chat time about how some creative folks are solving this problem.