How do we stop teaching's "revolving door"?

On December 20th a group of educators and administrators met online for a twitter chat to discuss ways to keep good teachers from leaving the profession. The answers given were straightforward with passion and insight.


  1. We began the conversation by asking for the missing pieces.
  2. We had a few wonderful new voices join us with brilliant insights and fresh perspectives.
  3. Part of the problem may live in teacher preparation program structures.
  4. For question two we asked the voices from the field to share some personal insights from their schools.
  5. The desire to be part of a group working towards a shared goal came through clearly.
  6. We chatted a bit about group dynamics and the need to develop some social connections. This does impact climate and climate impacts job satisfaction.
  7. One interesting thread came out about the cost of turnover. We shared some great links at the end but the true high cost of turnover was surprising to some.
  8. The idea of schools as communities is well established. This group expanded a bit on the idea of needing the connections in  those school groups.
  9. Several of the participants have schools that have successfully built the caring community needed to nurture teachers.
  10. The idea of autonomy was introduced to the conversation. Most felt that being able to have control over some of the factors that make instruction meaningful leads to greater job satisfaction.