Back to School Ideas and Resources

The Center for Teaching Quality Twitter chat this month asked the tweeters to join in and share their best ideas for getting school started and for solving those crunchy problems that make this time of year challenging. They delivered an amazing array of ideas, links and support.


  1. Understanding the importance of building relationships and knowing that this group would have some brilliant ideas, we started by asking for tips.
  2. Cindi Rigsbee gave us all a great idea for making a strong connection between teachers as learners and students. We often forget that students come in with a history of learning at any age.
  3. The idea of student ownership and responsibility came through in several tweets.
  4. Social engagement with the community would be an exceptional way to make learning real from day one.
  5. There were several amazing ideas for making the tedious tasks more fun and meaningful.
  6. We did not have enough time to dive into technology that helps communicate with parents. We did have several good ideas for streamlining the process and making the communication more accessible.
  7. One of the best parts of these conversations is that the participants share great links they have found on the topic. These links are a gold mine of ideas.
  8. Class rules came to the top of several lists for start of school tasks. We agreed that the best rules are developed by students guided by teachers.
  9. Problem solving and group icebreakers were another rich vein of ideas.
  10. We all loved this idea from Rob. No one wrote a million words, but the details parents shared were deep.
  11. The switch from summer schedules and activities can be stressful for students and teachers. Tips to make that flow a bit better were at the heart of question two.