Chambers of Secrets


  1. Recently, JK Rowling made headlines by expressing a strong pro-LGBT sentiment and claiming it is reflected in her Harry Potter novels.
  2. Yet LGBT people were sceptical. Show, don't tell - if a character is never mentioned as being gay or trans, then does it really make any difference if they are? If a young trans girl, for example, is looking for similar role models, they won't find any in the books.
  3. Instead, they'll fill in the blanks themselves, assuming that they simply aren't there in the wizarding world, as so often they're written out of this one.

    Expecto Twitter.
  4. The #transathogwarts hashtag was born out of discussions on what Hogwarts would *actually* have been like for trans pupils, both the good and the bad.
  5. And while there was the 'quick and simple' answer
  6. Many tweets looked past that, instead putting our own experiences and wishes into that world and thinking how they'd be treated, reflected, dealt with, both amongst ourselves, the other pupils, the teachers, and society at large.

    Many of the tweets are about ourselves - how we thought and felt at the time with the appeal of a magical world to those struggling in our muggle one, how we would use our own experiences to make things better, how things would probably play out given our own experiences in a transphobic society.

    Starting from the very beginning...
  7. And then there's the issue of the gendered dorms (especially since some of the dorms specifically exclude the genders they are not meant for, like with the Gryffindor's girls' dorm not letting boys enter).