CMN 3109- 2nd Learning Moment

2nd Storify Assignment for CMN 3109- Advanced Theories of Communication


  1. Stigmergy- one of the more fascinating communication concepts covered in #uoac Examining human communication in relation to ants: they build literal spheres with collective knowledge, we build info-spheres
  2. or in other words...
  3. Stigmergy and its implications for responsible communication- a common theme in #uoac. The power of language inherently includes the responsibility to communicate with integrity.

  4. Our collective intelligence includes all human knowledge- including sarcasm ;)

  5. The post fact society: what is "true"?

  6. and finally: some excellent advice for anyone communicating in the 21st century #uoac #lifetips

  7. #uoac was more than a class- it was a unique learning experience shared by strangers