IEBC Voter Registration Process Launched

by Evalyn Githina


  1. President Kibaki officially launched the IEBC Voter Registration Exercise at KICC on November 19, 2012. This process will be open for 30 days after which the IEBC will verify the information for the next 15 days.
    After much ado and drama, the BVR (Biometric Voter Registration) kits finally arrived in the country and today, after several failed attempts the IEBC has officially started registering voters for the Kenyan General Elections to be held in March 2013.
  2. Ahmed Issack Hassan the Chairman of the IEBC has assured Kenyans that the IEBC will adhere strictly to the 30-day registration timeline, provide security at all registration centers and ensure that all registration centers are properly equipped to conduct the registration exercise in the fastest and best manner possible.
    There are ongoing issues that have to be resolved by the IEBC and other relevant branches of government as this process continues. There have been complaints by groups that wear turbans as part of their religion for they are being asked to remove these in order for their voter registration to take place.
    The ongoing insecurity and violence in areas such as Garissa has to be resolved too in order for the voter registration exercises to occur unimpeded even as reports of a shortage of BVR kits continue to be cited by other sources in the media.
  3. Please let us know how smoothly or not the voter registration exercise goes for you. To find your voter registration center click on this link provided by the IEBC. I found that link to be cumbersome and difficult to use and was happy to learn that Code4Kenya has a site that provides the same verified information in an easy to use format. Try going to for a more user friendly format. To verify your political party registration go to