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Report done by Tanzanian Sauti Project citizen reporter Gaure Mdee Follow Gaure on Twitter via @Profesy


  1. If you happen to be waiting for a daladala amidst the loud hooting and smoggy air of Dar es Salaam you are bound to find a man kicking off a shout storm with a microphone in one hand and a sports shoe in the other. “Do you know you wear the mark of death?” bellowing over the roaring engines that speed passed him is one Joseph Mbugwa.

    Mistaking him for a street preacher - you would not be incorrect - but his message is one of the revelation of grand conspiracy and death.

    Mbugwa, 32, barks disclosures while holding up his light weighted yellow sign displaying various logos from several athletic and sports brands, his crew follow suit by pacing around onlookers displaying garments that insinuate world domination. All this, while selling DVDs for anyone who would like to know more.

    Stories of the Freemason have been rife within various mainstream arenas in the country of late, from gutter press to witchdoctors promising you membership upon visiting them.

    “They plan hits, sacrifice family members and walk into their halls backwards all this while moving up the mason ladder in the process.” Mbugwa explains while pulling out a bullhorn from the back seat of his car that he uses as a store for his appliances while on the road.  

    The “illuminati”, as he also refers to them as, are everywhere including places of worship like mosques, churches and even temples. Almost every country in the world has freemasons no matter what kind of name they may change it to.

    But when did it all begin and how...
    Born in 1979 and raised in Mombasa he studied at Shimo la Tewa school but never got the chance to go further. One day 13 years ago a few of his friends who he saw walking around, once in a while in the neighbourhood, came up to him asking if he would like to join a group they were involved in.

    Joseph was sucked into the life upon realising that the group that invited him started coming around their neighbourhood with a sudden change of lifestyle in too quick a fashion - with loads of cash and fancy things - little did he know his friends were members of the enticing secret society.

    “When I got in they gave me money and it has some sort of force pulling me in that was very strange but seductive at the same time, funny enough, as soon as I used the money handed to me I felt even more of a pull.”
  2. After a three week trial period ended, he was handed his instructions.

    Joseph’s job was to cause bus accidents, “I would do this by sitting behind the driver and blowing a kind of dust that would impair their vision on the road.” He says upon causing an accident he would come out of it unscathed.

    “Among the accidents I caused were Coast Bus and Akamba that were on the Nairobi-Mombasa route.” He admits cautiously knowing full well what it means to admit murder. 

    Another job he was usually sent to do was to distract ongoing church services.  This is actually what led to him leaving the enigmatic faction.

    I once sat in church trying to distract the sermon when the pastor started praying for me and I suddenly felt a weight lifted and right then and there left my connection with the freemasons.” 
  3. So what does he reveal about the Masons?
  4. Mbugwa tries to peel layers upon layers of information step by step when revealing more on the intricate group he once answered to.
    He mentions various incidences with coinciding numbers as being brought about by decisions of the Freemason. From the combination of calculated deaths on the dates of various accidents to the number used on a license plate, Mbugwa leaves nothing to chance when it comes to them.

    “The group have everything all laid out and planned to precise measurement and accuracy, the numbers and designs they use are not accidental, they come from time spent planning and agreements with various parties.”

    The MV Bukoba and Zanzibar Ferry accidents, along with, the recent 13 who died from Taarab musical act Five Star’s car accident are just a few of the incidences he says were laid out and planned by date and time.

    "Don't ever make the mistake of leaving a loved one in the hospital with a doctor unattended to between the hours of 12 and 3am because these are the vulnerable <evil> hours of the night, these are the hours used for sacrifices by ensuring people die." He does however sternly insist that this is only for the "Freemason" owned or facilitated health centres.

    Yet Mbugwa is also a contentious figure, accused by people who listen in, of using his mic to promote conspiracy theories and generate an income off the naivety of people. In June Mbugwa and his group were attacked by some assailants in Kariakoo while he was talking about a prominent pastor in Tanzania.

    Controversially, in 2011, while invited to local Christian network ATN, his in your face style shocked the host of the This is my Story program where he defined what mannerisms and attire you would expect the masons to clad. During the show he also mentioned spoke of various leaders, churches and politicians inducted into masonry.

    “All things used in the holy books are reversed by the freemason so anointing oil and crosses are used as well, just in reverse. They have secret handshakes and greetings and indeed head large scale organisations like the IMF, which is known to them as the FMI (Free Mason International), while artists names like Nate S. Dog would be short for Satan is God backwards.”

    He refers to various symbols used on Daladalas and signs which are just the freemason taunting mankind and showing their superiority over all. Many items used from piercings, tattoos to belt buckles are signs of the freemason.
  5. Today Joseph resides in Tanzania with his wife and son in Dar es Salaam, you can spot him and his merry group of “educators” busy preaching the anti-freemason message in most bus stops where they try capture as much attention as they possibly can.

    Six years after declaring he is done with the cult that he swore to keep a secret, he reveals all knowing full well that this could be his demise as he was sworn to secrecy.
    “This does not cause me problems as the Lord Jesus protects me. I no longer want to be part of something I forever regret being involved in”.