The Pistons Anomaly

What caused the Detroit Piston's underlying problems.


  1. The Detroit Pistons have redefined themselves as inept as an NBA franchise, and there problems are building up.  

    Joe Dumars has been the GM for the Pistons for over a decade now, and his great start inside the organization has now led to a dizzying spiral out of control.

    Back in 2008 Dumars wanted fans to expect "big changes" out of there normal "going to work" squad.  Meaning he wanted to make changes to the team that brought the city a championship in 2004. 

    People understood it.  Maybe its because they were falling short of the top year after year, and they wanted to push themselves back over the hump.

    Chauncey Billups was the casualty of Dumars' alteration. Enter Allen Iverson.  

    Here's the problem, most would say Billups embodied what the NBA should, and Allen Iverson, although prolific, was a problem child.

    Here's a clip of how Allen Iverson handled some regular day-to-day NBA activities.

  2. This was before he became a Piston, so Dumars knew very well what he was bringing in and what he was abandoning.

    It created a stir with many fans. This is just one of many fans that publicized their emotion.

  3. Piston trade Billups and McDice for Allen Iverson
  4. The Allen Iverson experiment was a failure to say the least.  The Pistons were bounced early in the first round, after being a perennial Eastern Conference contender for the years before.


    Iverson was a dissappointment and was appropriately dismissed. Dumars tries again in 2009 and needs to fill the point guard hole, and a new one at center once Ben Wallace leaves to Chicago.

    Enter Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. What?!?!

    Niether of those two players can fill the holes and Dumars has created for the team, and guess what?  The two players he signed that took up the rest of the team's cap room.

    These roster changes haven't gotten any better as of recent and it's five years after the fact.

    Jamie Samuelsen of 97.1 The Ticket wrote on article in the Detroit Free Press on the problem's relevance now.

  5. Won't... Suceed, get better, produce championships, stop losing, being bad in the 4th quarter.  All of the above.

    The story of a once beloved star of Detroit ,player on the Pistons, and dream GM, turned demon incapable of doing any good, Dumars is everything but ran out of town.

    What happened to him? Where did it all go wrong? (See everything above this)

    Did I mention the coaching carousel?  No, I didn't but I should.

    In the Dumars era in the front office that began in 2000 the team has been through eight coaches. 

  6. I mean nine coaches.

    Call it losing your touch, or being overconfident, or just plain old bad decision making, Joe Dumars has not been the GM for Piston success,and it's brought this team into a black hole that somebody has to get us out of.

    Currently the team is poisened with a roster that's diluting a once marketable project.

    Joe Dumars is hanging on by a thread.