Remix Culture

Remix culture becomes more and more popular in our daily life, we listen to remix music, we watch remix videos. However, do we really understand what remix culture is? Is there anything that hides behind what we can see? I conclude five key points here which relates to this topic.


  1. This presentation is based on these two assigned videos:
  2. 1. Remix Culture

  3. Remix once just refers to one’ s individual work, they can use their own remix work to show their attitude towards the original work or the topic, while now Remix is becoming a platform for collective expression by—and conversations between—social groups.
  4. By using the example of Brat pack, this video told us nowadays remix has become a social activity rather than just individual work.
  5. The Evolution of Remix Culture
  6. Chinese website Bilibili has become not only be a platform for remix but also more like a society for remix, people who love remix culture can know each other on that website and communicate with each other.
  7. 2. Creativity

  8. Remix work needs creativity, but sometimes creativity means “nothing” because if you just have creativity but never put it into practice, you are just an armchair strategist. Only after you work for your creativity, your creativity transfers to innovation.
  9. In this article, the author told us the relationship between creativity and innovation.
  10. This video told us more about difference between these two concepts.
  11. Creativity and Innovation
  12. 3. Copyright and Copyleft

  13. Copyright protects authors’ right when other people re-use or re-create their works without permission, in addition, copyright makes authors can benefit from their works constantly once someone wants to use their works legally. Therefore, people who have the copyright want to maintain the status quo to control the future (the past always tries to control the future). However, people don’t want to be caged in the past, thus a new concept (copyleft) appears in this situation. If copyright protects authors from unauthorized copying or selling of their work. Copyleft, on the other hand, provided it remains liberty.
  14. In this website, we can know answers of some frequently asked questions about copyright.
  15. In this video, the father of free software movement Richard M Stallman told us more about copyleft.
  16. 4. Culture Jamming

  17. Culture jamming is a tactic used by many anti-consumerist social movements. Most people who do culture jamming work is because they feel unsatisfied with ads themselves or feel unsatisfied with the government. However, some people do this just for fun or want attract others’ attention to make themselves have more opportunities.
  18. From the video, we can know that people do culture jamming because they feel unsatisfied and have no other ways to get a response.