#TBLTchat 7 - 7th heaven

Needs analysis & syllabus design


  1. On 7 February 2017 the 7th TBLT chat discussed needs analysis (NA) & syllabus design. Here's how the day ended :
  2. This was certainly true and I think the combination of new & regular TBLT chatters interspersed with examples of needs analyses, practical ideas and related reading/links made it 7th heaven! The chat also touched on all manner of ELT teaching contexts, from ESP to YLs to 1:1 to adult group courses. Here's a summary of the day and you'll find useful links and related reading, too. ENJOY :)
  3. The chat started with @getgreatenglish asking how NA is done & by whom. There are a variety of ways it can be done :
  4. and this led onto a discussion onto how a NA and the syllabus design that follows on from it should/can/is flexible and can be modified during the course.
  5. @myles_klynhout shared a NA template that @SLBCoop in Barcelona use with their students and described 1 way of using it in class :
  6. @EdLaur asked if anybody had a checklist of ideas for ss to choose from in their 1st lesson.