First Perth Research Bazaar a Success!

This year the inaugural Perth Research Bazaar (ResBaz) was held at Murdoch University from 1st - 3rd February. Researcher from all levels and disciplines came together for a three-day intensive introduction to programming. But if you missed the fun, fear not - just read on...


  1. The Research Bazaar is a 3-day intensive conference where researchers come together to up-skill in 'next generation digital research tools and skills'.
  2. It was first held in 2015 at the University of Melbourne. But whilst ResBaz 2015 was the first of its kind, this year’s conference boasted parallel sites all across the globe! Melbourne was digitally joined by ResBaz-ers in Auckland, Perth, Dunedin, Brisbane, Sydney, Guayaquil, Vancouver, Oklahoma & Wellington!
  3. This Storify summarises the Perth ResBaz experience, relying on tweets from attendees using the #PerthResBaz tag. The full story can be found under the hashtag - but here we present a summary of the event using the most relevant, helpful and simply amusing tweets from across the three-day workshop!
  4. Of the hundreds of researchers located in Perth, only a select few were selected to attend.

  5. Perth ResBaz Day One

  6. Attendees came from a range of backgrounds - some had never coded before, whilst others were programming in their sleep.
  7. Day 1, Session 1: Using the Unix Shell

  8. The workshop kicked off with an introduction to Unix. Use of the shell is fundamental to using a wide range of other powerful tools and computing resources (including “high-performance computing” supercomputers). Some attendees found this a challenge to begin with, but even the hard of heart were quickly won over!
  9. Day 1, Session 2: Social Media

  10. The afternoon session turned to social media and how it can be effectively used by researchers - a topic which was very popular with attendees, all of whom had been instructed to create a Twitter account during event registration.
  11. Tama Leaver, a lecturer in Internet Communications from Curtin University, talked about the pros and cons of different social media platforms with regard to online research presence. LinkedIn took a particular hammering, falling into the 'not so useful' camp...