Future of Libraries Summit #FoL15 - 31 July 2015 Wellington

"Co-hosted by Te Rōpū Whakahau and LIANZA this summit will build on work underway in parts of the sector (by APLM and SLANZA) and provide an opportunity for us to discuss how we can work together efficiently and effectively." This is a raw archive of relevant tweets using the hashtag #FoL15.


  1. About the summit

  2. Or open the document here:  http://www.lianza.org.nz/sites/default/files/Future%20of%20Libraries%20Summit.pdf  Below, this Library Life Issue also refers to the Summit and reports on the results of a survey about professionalism.
  3. Agenda

  4. 1. Welcome / Mihi

    2. What are the key drivers ofthe profession?

    3. What would a flourishinglibrary sector look like in 2025 if we address these key drivers?

    4. What are we currently doing toaddress these drivers – at the library level, at the sector level, at the wholeof profession level?

    5. Where are the gaps?

    6. Who should take responsibilityfor these gaps?

    7. Where to from here?
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