Pepe Anguita【ツ】

MIT-eer , entrepreneur, software engineer, growth hacker. Passionate observer of people around the globe to understand how they use and think about technology

Launch Academy

A 10-week, intensive bootcamp teaching you how to code with a focus on Ruby on Rails


Content Marketer and Blogger for SimpliSafe. Tech geek and drumming. One day, I will own a wolf.


Looking for your next car? Look no further! Go to & find vehicle listings from multiple auto sites in one place. Search one. Search all.

First content curation platform that can predict what your audience will like (Based on semantic analysis and social filtering, works with any language)


real life advertising

Giacinto Gigio Attanasio



Ultimate Sundecks 16095 80th Ave Surrey BC V4N 0X1 Phone: 604-572-6535

Jeffrey Baird

Developer at SweetSpot. #pairwithme


Shawn Farner

Right-handed, left-leaning Eagles fan and sushi lover. I love communications, tech and humor like a parent loves his three kids: I secretly have a favorite.

Ian Truscott

Creating stories that engage customers through the fog of digital disruption. VP Content Marketing at @sdl

Ymow Wu

Scott Seaborn

Connected Media Expert : Executive Creative Director, XS2


#FCI #MUFCI #IT #zamalek #Anti_Coup #Not_MB #freedom #Anti_Scaf #Amr_Diab المجد للشهداء والحرية للمعتقلين