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Wabi Sabi EFC

Luxurious elegant and timeless green fashion brand. Passionate about quality, design and #sustainablility. #eco-friendly # organicfashion

Pipeliner CRM

We created an eye-catching, customizable representation of your pipeline -- a picture of your #sales target is worth 1,000 spreadsheets #CRM #SocialSelling #B2B

Tracy Ingram

Ofir Nachmani

Cloud, Startups, Tech, Knowledge, Social, Beer, Love, 2 Boys, Wife, Books, Nature. Evangelist; CEO, Founder, Blogger, Lecturer, Journalist, Adviser;etc.


conf guy; investing via SK Ventures; planning to fund skynet's seed round.

Messaging Apps News

ibservations of messaging apps revolution

Evgeny Hvastovich

nuclear energy devices specialist, a professional soccer club manager, entrepreneur, investor, founder of start-up incubator

Richard Kastelein

Father, husband, writer, publisher, entrepreneur, sailor, traveller. Creative Technologist based in cyberspace - lives in Netherlands and UK. 'Grottie yottie' who went AWOL from B.C. in 1987 and spent a decade bumming around the Caribbean on several sailboats... Mainly working the boating industry and media. Sailed around the world before settling down and getting married to a Groningse from Holland (16 years). Currently living in the lovely northern Netherlands with wife and three wonderful daughters and working in London, UK. Working in television technology and Founder of startup at Agora Media and publication at and founder of hackathons. Life Snippets - Been known as a 'grottie yottie' while living barefoot onboard our sailing vessels GOLEM and JANEVE in the Caribbean for ten years. - Was covered by Avantoure Magazine for sailing lifestyle. - Built a 1.3 million dollar catamaran in Brazil in 2004. - Publisher and founder of award winning Atlantic Free Press and Pacific Free Press - a group of online publications that work with over 300 academics and media creatives and focus on progressive politics and ideas. - Open Source CMS junkie having been in movement since phpnuke all the way to Joomla. - Viral web projects including and covered by NYT's, USA Today, IHT, CNN and more... - Sailed across Med and Atlantic with wife in 1994 on small sailboat. Indian Ocean in 1990. Pacific in 1991. - Interviewed Canada's first woman astronaut, Roberta Bondar, about what the Northern Lights looked like from above... while looking at them from below in the Canadian Arctic. - Did over 100 restaurant and bar reviews as Editor of What's ON St. Martin and St. Martin's Week. Ate, drank and wrote for a living. Hung out with Anthony Bourdain when he came down island. - Published on demand print book by Chris Floyd on called 'Empire Burlesque', 'Oceania' by Andre Vltchek as well as theologist Jan Chr. Vaessen's 'A Quest For Hope: Searching For Ways Out Of Postmodern Nihilism Into New Reality' - Devised and innovated on new system to deliver a Quest 3D environment from TV to the web using a wowza flash streamer, advanced streaming capture solutions, and delivery on a linux server in 2007. - Broke international story and uncovered a human smuggling ring as an investigative reporter in St. Maarten. - Wrote the Hitchhiker's guide to the sea, the first travel guide on crewing on sailboats in 1991 after sailing around the world hitching on yachts. - Delivered sailboats for a year between the Virgin Islands and St. Maarten for Sunsail. Threw bottle with resume on the beaches of Richard Branson's Necker Island while sailing by hoping to connect... - Fathered three lovely daughters all currently under fourteen. - Lectured at MIT Media Labs, Oxford and University of Cologne on Future TV. - Worked as future media consultant with BBC, ITV, Sky, ABC, NBCU, RTLGroup, RTL, SBS, RTE, Seven Network, Liberty Global and more...

Andrew Lloyd ALA

Andrew Lloyd & Associates | International PR consulting group focusing on technology & life sciences #healthcare #biotech #medtech #semiconductors #photonics


Create/not conform

Davis Ngaikedi

Founder @ -A new way to teleport the world and share


Tech, Art and Total Darkness

Giacomo Balli

 Mobile Consultant & Entrepreneur ⋯ #Monetization ⋯ App Store Optimization #ASO ⋯ Mission, #SF ★ USTA 4.5 Tennis ★ CTO ⚓️ @cruiseable

Priytosh Kumar