Daniel Hoffman

Entrepreneur, author, digital & mobile app marketing consultant, and co-founder of VikPik


We create awesome #web and #mobile #apps for entrepreneurs and #startup in cost-effective and timely manner based on #Lean philosophy.


Competitive Intelligence on mobile apps for SMEs, Startups, and Game Studios. Trusted by over 750 of the world's leading app publishers: http://t.co/ajQCh6Fg7T


Empowering associations and cause-oriented organizations to create, engage, and grow while increasing their revenue and relevance.

Sigma sei

Management,Economics, Innovation, Quality, H&S. Connecting dots, some in the future. Fintech with @dealitaly


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#News for #Cypriot #Research, #Innovation, #Startups, #Entrepreneurship, #Technology worldwide. #Cyprus #DisruptCyprus #DCYlive

Nikolas Chatzopoulos

Founder of @st4tevent, Director of Innovation, Ambassador of @BookCreatorApp, @playosmo, @Getkahoot & @Augthat, Co-founder of @EdCampTampaBay Blogger, Speaker.

Blackbridge Comms

Blackbridge is a full service agency specialising in people communications.

Paul Olsen Denver

Paul Olsen of Denver & the Company Broker Group, LLC are dedicated to helping their clients sell their businesses. In the past, they have sold an estimated eighty percent of all the business listings they have attempted to sell. This is a much better rate of success than your average broker who often sells twenty to forty percent of their businesses.


Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes says, “I have sold more hotels than anyone else in the entire Midwest.” Terry says potential lenders analyze the target property for cost versus profit performance, location, traffic accessibility and effectiveness and number of hotel amenities. Of primary concern will be the location amid surrounding venues and properties, as these affect the present and future business potential of the targeted hotel purchase.

Terry Deru Utah

Terry Deru of Utah believes that much of his success is due to the education he was able to receive. He knows that there are many children that want to have their personal version of success similar to what he had but are unable to have the same education as he did. Thus, Terry Deru of Utah is interested in finding ways to improve and more efficiently educate children worldwide making better use of technology and teaching methods.

Terry Hay Auckland

From California, to the tropics, and even to New Zealand, Terry Hay of Auckland is a true traveler of the world. Terry Hay of Auckland loves to travel, as he has always been interested in exploring new regions. In fact, Terry Hay of Auckland loves traveling so much that he moved from the United States to New Zealand to found a new company.