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20 years later, what do you remember about the O.J. Simpson case?

The murder. The Bronco chase. The trial. The aftermath. In many ways, the O.J. Simpson case was a seminal moment in American culture and history. 20 years later, the case remains controversial for its impacts on television, the media, courts, and the criminal justice system.


  1. We asked you what you remembered the most from this case. Here are your answers:
  2. Listen, I went to the Army and Navy Academy with his son, Jason. I saw this couple almost every week. We were ALL shocked when this happened.. but the fact is, he did it. The FACT that the black community cheered when he was set free regardless of knowing his guilt.. is what reeks here. The OVERT racism portrayed by them is what lingers. And it is disgusting!
  3. Yes, I remember where & who I was with during this chase like it was yesterday !
  4. I remember the two people he killed while he walked free.
  5. I remember a huge waste Of Human time as many watched something which their watching could in no way affect the outcome to The trial or their own lives - for hours and hours and days and days!
  6. That 10 months of trial/evidence resulted in a 40 minute deliberation. What a farce...
  7. wow its been a log time since then..but I do remember we were all upset after he was declaired innocent...what a trip huh....
  8. Hard to forget when someone gets away with MURDER.
  9. The thing I remember most was the look on Kardashian's face when they read the verdict. His reaction clearly said "Oh my God, he actually got away with it!"
  10. Don't remember too much. I passed out when the verdict was read LOL
  11. I watched the final verdict in my 5th grade class!
  12. I recall thinking what a shame it is how you can buy justice.
  13. I remember the look of shock on Robert Kardashian's face.
  14. "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit!" And that opened my eyes. Made me realize that I didn't have to abide by the law, I just had to find loopholes.
  15. That with $$$$$$ buys you ANYTHING you want ! Ohh yea and that our Justice System is a JOKE!
  16. I was at work and 4 of us turned on the radio to hear the verdict - when they said it - I knocked my large cup of water across my desk all over the paperwork I had on it.
  17. Im an nbc news photog in shreveport lousiana but was on vacation in california and touring the nbc newsroom with their chief photog who had just taken me to see the new leno set that was to be unveiled downstairs ....while were wandering around he says "I trust you can you make your way back upstairs I gotta go" I think it may have been the start of the bronco chase
  18. All I know is I had some gloves outside for over a year and when I try them on they still fit lol. Yet I heard if left outside for one night they shrink lol lol lol. Worst move ever by the DA office.
  19. That he is still guilty!! Yes, Michael Brown ...the gloves were all dried out. Some glove oil and they would have fit like one. Such a crock...Karma already served him, he is locked up. His fingerprints in blood, his cut up hands, bloody clothes in the washer, knife box on the bath tub, his special made shoe prints in blood...everything but on film! Those jurors were unfit.
  20. Sitting in my car at SBVC listening to the radio as the verdict came in. Afraid of riots, ready to leave and go home if he was actually found guilty.
  21. That the kids in my high school said they would riot if he was found guilty. Scary times.
  22. How money can buy your freedom. ..... That's what I remember. ..
  23. Listening to the radio on a job site in Atlanta, wondering if there was going to be a riot after the verdict was announced. I still think that the jury made it's decision based on the fact that riots were going to happen if they found him guilty.