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Video from great white shark attack in Manhattan Beach draws strong reaction

After a graphic video was posted to YouTube of a swimmer being bitten Saturday by a young great white shark near the Manhattan Beach Pier, many expressed anger at the actions of the fishermen in the video.


  1. A group of people fishing from the pier can be heard laughing while they watched the shark make contact with a group of swimmers. One of the swimmers, Steven C. Robles, was bitten and can be heard screaming in the background of the video.
    According to reports, a fisherman had kept the hooked shark on his line for 30 to 45 minutes before eventually cutting it loose. Many of those who watched the video, felt the shark had been agitated by the fisherman causing its aggressive behavior.
  2. WARNING: The videos below contain graphic evidence of the shark attack on Saturday at Manhattan Beach. The videos also contain profanity.
  3. Great White Shark Attack "CAUGHT on CAMERA" / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE
  4. This isn't a shark attack. It's a hooked fish, fishing accident. These anglers should have been warning the swimmers as soon as they knew what was on their line.
  5. This could easily have been avoided. The shark had been identified as a great white which is a protected species. The fisherman should have cut his line. This shark had been fighting for its life for 40-45 minutes when the swimmers came by. It was justifiably agitated. I'm not sure swimming where people are fishing is a great idea either. These sharks live in these waters peacefully until we go into their habitat. Don't blame the sharks. Jaws was fiction. What we do to sharks is far and away more horrendous than the very infrequent shark bite they inflict on us.
  6. Not quite sure what to say about these fine folks laughing at what they saw. Wow.
  7. How were these idiots not charged with anything? They saw the shark and didn't do anything to notify anyone else but just stood there and laughed? Society is so disgusting!
  8. Human idiocy and recklessness at its best. No regard for the other swimmers safety until him and his moronic friends realized what happened. The second these idiots realized there was a shark in the water they should have notified everyone or at least tried. These are the type of people that the world wouldn't miss, I'm sorry but it's true.
  9. I don't think the fishermen realized how serious it was until it bit the guy, when they finally realized it was serious their toned changed. They were trying to tell the other swimmers to get out of the water.