#Bestof2013: Most read Daily News stories from 2013

Porn, guns and sports dominated the most read stories of the year for the Los Angeles area. Here's a look back at the top eight most read stories on www.DailyNews.com from 2013:


  1. 8. One of the first large wildfires of the year, the Spring Fire, burned close to 25,000 acres and caught the attention of readers as it threatened 4,000 homes from eastern Ventura County to the hills above Malibu.
  2. Springs Fire in Camarillo - Time Lapse
  3. 7. As the Los Angeles Dodgers wrapped up their 2013 season, readers began to speculate what might be in store for the team's 2014 roster. As sights were set on Masahiro Tanaka, who many believe is the best free-agent pitcher on the market, we took a look at the top 10 things readers needed to know about the star.
  4. 6. The California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes ordered the Los Angeles Unified School District along with eight other school districts across the state to repay a total of $170 million to student meal programs after a report was released in February. 
  5. 5. Los Angeles city officials said 387 handguns, 268 rifles and 31 assault weapons were surrendered during a citywide gun buyback program in December — no questions asked — with those participating receiving Ralphs gift cards of $100 or $200, depending on the weapon.
  6. 4.  After the USC Trojans fired head football coach Lane Kiffin, speculation about who would replace him became all the buzz. While sources said Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin was the top choice, Steve Sarkisian was eventually hired in December. 
  7. 3. In July, a teacher from Redlands caught the attention of the nation, including L.A., when police announced that she she was suspected of not only having sexual relations with a student, but also giving birth to his child. Laura Whitehurst eventually was sentenced to a year in county jail and five years’ probation for the crime in August.
  8. 2. Near Veterans Day, Disneyland worker Ernie "Gunny" Napper captured the hearts of all who read about him. The column written about the 63-year-old retired Marine and the warm spot he has in his heart for the man who took public entertainment to another level, Walt Disney, went viral. We dare you to read it without getting a little weepy.