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#Bestof2013: Most read Daily Breeze stories from 2013

From viral dog videos to sharks eating sea lions to cartoon merchandise, South Bay residents saw it all in 2013. Here's a look back at the top eight most read stories on from the past year:


  1. 8. Silvercar, a new car rental service at Los Angeles International Airport, jumped on scene in style offering customers an Audi A4 reservation and pick-up done completely by smart phone.
  2. 7. Who knew 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' was still so popular? In May, three men were sought after they were caught on surveillance attempting to rob a man of  $1,000 worth of Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise in Torrance.
  3. 6. Residents were saddened by the announcement in September that the beloved Proud Bird Restaurant at LAX was going to fly the coop and close its doors. Luckily, it was later announced that the iconic eatery would remain open for at least one more year.
  4. 5. Three policemen were pulled off the street and reassigned to in-office duties for their own safety after a video of a dog being shot went viral in July. The officers received death threats for their involvement with the animal's death. SPOILER: Check out the number one spot for more information on the video.
  5. 4. A group of people abroad a whale-watching boat in July bit off more than they could chew, or rather they watched a shark do just that. The 18-foot great white shark bit a 200-pound sea lion in half right in front of them off the Rancho Palos Verdes coast.
  6. 3. In a November story that made many readers say "oh my God" in disgust, a man was caught on surveillance video and later charged with drugging then sexually assaulting his neighbor's 80-pound Akita.
  7. 2. A Torrance special-education teacher's Facebook post calling her students a "hot mess" and their parents "crazy" became quite a talker after it infuriated the students' parents and readers alike: 
  8. She should be fired and never be able to Teach Again !!! If you don't like your job don't vent out on the parents and the special needs children !!! Find a career that makes you happy !!! Let someone else have her job !!!!! She obviously doesn't appreciate or enjoy her teaching career !!
  9. Facebook is not THE place to vent!! It is a public thread of your life!! I'm glad she has been removed. If delivering IEPs to "crazy parents" and teaching kids with special needs is not fulfilling her- change your career!!