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20 years later, do you think O.J. Simpson was guilty?

In many ways, the O.J. Simpson case was a seminal moment in American culture and history. 20 years later, the case remains controversial for its impacts on television, the media, courts, and the criminal justice system. Issues of race were also hotly debated throughout the trial and after.


  1. Beliefs regarding Simpson's guilt or innocence split down racial lines with African-Americans mostly believing in his innocence and whites believing he was guilty. 

    We asked you if you believed in O.J.'s guilt or innocence, here are your answers.
  2. Amazing to be able to get away with murder. Money can buy anything. And then he ends up in jail for something stupid.
  3. Yep, Have you ever tried to put on leather gloves over surgical gloves? Plus blood on leather will make them shrink when dried. I have had both experiences.
  4. Yeah he killed His ex-wife. We've all wanted to do that at one time or another, but we don't act on it!
  5. He's still in jail for an unrelated crime, justice always finds a way of being served.
  6. No. But he knows who did it.
  7. The jury determined him to be not guilty. But did he actually commit the murder? Absolutely.
  8. He guilty of being stupid. How. You beat a double murder case and get locked up on 211 robbery charges for old memorabilia 15 years later.
  9. Of course he is guilty. Even I know if you put leather in cold it shrinks.
  10. No question, given what is publicly known, he is a killer.
  11. Verdict reached in October of that year. Who else would kill them?
  12. He was definitely innocent and if you believe that I have a couple of bridges for sale at giveaway prices.
  13. Doesn't matter what we think...he was found not guilty by a jury.
  14. Nope. He was framed by the cops. The evidence proved it too
  15. Yes, he was guilty. He got away with slaughter...because that's what he did, he slaughtered them. Karma got him though.
  16. How did his search for the real killers work out?
  17. 2 people are gone forever. No justice. Juries fail the victims and society sometimes.
  18. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit". Dúmas'es leather shrinks, I bet they fitted quite well before hand.
  19. no...i think jason , his son killed them...
  20. No I really didn't think he could do this.
  21. Hell yes. But that isn't for me to judge. Everything about this case was handled poorly. He got his trial and was found not guilty.
  22. Ain't nobody more surprised that they didn't fit than The Juice.
  23. Who doesn't think he was guilty? SMH! Even all those Jaycats in the black communities that were cheering him on while fleeing from police in his white Bronco knew he was GUILTY...