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Learn the simplest way to fix your marriage without having to go to any marriage or relationship counseling.


  1. "Read on how I turned my dull, boring & problematic marriage into the most romantic, exciting relationship I've ever had with just a few simple tricks!"

  2. May 19, 2015 11:20 AM AWST

  3. [Quick questions:] Do couples really need to go through marriage counseling for them to solve marital problems? Do they really need to waste money on a third party to resolve domestic conflict and issues and misunderstandings in their marriage life?
  4. Above are questions that couples can ask themselves before taking the step to seek help through marriage counseling. A lot has been and is being said about the importance of marriage counseling, but after all the decision to make a marriage work still falls back to the couple. Below are some important facts that can help couples experiencing a turbulent moment in their relationship beat the odds and create purpose and meaning in their marriage life.

  5. 1. Be a good listener & understand your partner
  6. Try asking an old couple that has been married for more than fifty-five years about the secret of their success and they will tell you that they listen to each other. Most of the problems that young couples face today stem from the fact that they haven’t learned to listen to each other. There could be this lack of tolerance, resulting from the eagerness to make oneself heard and valued, which can be behind the many problems facing young couples today.
  7. It isn’t a third party that will teach you to listen. The patience to listen doesn’t come from someone else, it is the fruit of a conscious decision that you make. IT'S NOT the marriage counselor who will teach you how to love your partner. Deep inside, you already know what you are required to do for the relationship to work. You can be very conscious of why it isn’t working, but you want to hear it from someone else. Instead of wasting time and money reaching out for professional help, you can start by learning to listen to and understand your partner. That could be the secret to a meaningful and deep relationship.
  8. In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey says that only a few people listen in order to understand. He says many of the problems we face today come from the fact that we are eager to express ourselves. We don’t listen to understand our partner or the person who speaks to us. We listen in order to answer. This means we fail to be proactive in our relationships with others. We fail to create the space for others to evolve and to be the original expressions of who they are meant to be. Those who understand this failure in human relationships and communication will not waste their money and time on marriage counseling.
  9. For any relationship to work, partners should learn to not listen merely to answer, but to understand, because it is in understanding that we are understood. In most of the quarrels that happen between couples, there is always someone yelling and accusing the other for not listening and there is someone who claims to "understand" what the other is thinking even if they don’t. If couples can work on their communication skills, then they can avoid a lot of the quarrels and misunderstandings that make them go to seek help from relationship therapist.

  10. 2. Break the barrier & be open with each other
  11. Couples who are open to each other can avoid a lot of stress and problems that beset many marriages today. To live with another person, to enter into the solitude of another person can be very challenging and one of the most difficult things to accomplish as a human person. Our culture and the media have offered images that can lure young men and women into thinking that marriage is a fairy tale. But it is not so.
  12. Marriage is a journey of continuous self-discovery and when couples learn to understand and accept their differences, they will open the doors for growth and mutual respect.
  13. Again, should you seek help from any relationship therapist, or just do it by yourself?
  14. You can fix your husband-and-wife relationship without involving others. Just make yourself irresistible to your partner and BOOM! - they'll stick with you forever and you'll live happily ever after.
  15. Apart from inviting someone else to handle marriage related issues, couples can assume responsibility over their lives and seek answers to the pressing questions they encounter in their shared experience. And instead of seeking help from someone they do not know so well, and who might not have a glimpse of the beauty of their personalities, couples can lift the challenge of their differences by taking responsibility over their personal growth.
  16. The life of a couple is not easy. Learning to live with reality and facing difficulties and challenges with courage can open the path towards growth.
  17. Couples who seek answers to their problems together will definitely enrich their marital experience and find meaning, even when things get difficult and utterly challenging for them.