Issue 4: The NEW SCN - Sharing the Excitement

Each week we collect and publish a sprinkling of public kudos for SAP Community Network here, focusing on the momentum surrounding the launch of our new and improved community.October 18, 2011


  1. 1) "I really like the History feature.."and other things to like about the NEW SCN, from community member from Australia Post.

    Sascha Wenninger, SAP Integration Architect at Australia Post, told us how much he likes "Find content" and "Follow people" features of the new SAP Community Network.

  2. Feedback on the New SAP Community Network - Sascha Wenninger, Australia Post
  3. 2) Latest Tip in a Minute: Following, Liking, Bookmarking and more!

    Great content is at the core of SAP Community Network. In the new SCN, users will be able to do much more than simply add comments to a post. Learn about some of these features in this week's Tip in a Minute!

  4. SCN Tip in a Minute: Following, Liking, Bookmarking (and more!) on SCN
  5. 3) We're Listening: How the NEW SCN Is Incorporating User Feedback

    SCN has been gathering your feedback for years on how to change the site.  We know you wanted simpler navigation, easier browsing tools and a more personalized information flow. Gail Moody-Byrd, Senior Director of Marketing, takes some time to show you that the changes you wanted are coming.

  6. We're Listening : How the NEW SAP Community Network is Incorporating User Feedback
  7. 4) 8 years and 8,000 active bloggers later- How SAP Community Network has evolved.

    4,000 posts are made every day in over 360 forums! It's true! Mark Yolton, SVP at SAP, shares how SAP evolved their methodology over time to stay relevant and impactful to the larger SAP Ecosystem.  

  8. 5) Reflections from Jive World 2011 - "SCN is on the right track"

    Gali Kling Schneider attended Jive World 2011 traveling all the way from Israel! As part of the SCN team she went looking for ways to strengthen our strategy. Instead she realized, SCN will be stronger for being able to learn from others.

  9. 6) Michael Brito (@Britopian), SVP at Edelman Digital, mentionedSAP Community Network as an example of Social Business in his presentation for Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

     On slide 13 he goes on to define social business as: "any organization that has integrated and operationalized social media within every job function (and process) internally." 

  10. 7) 7 Billion People- 7 Billion Actions--SCN is getting involved!

    The world populaiton will soon surpass 7 billion people. SAP is sponsoring this initiative with the UNFPA and SAP Community Networking is helping to spread the word. Join us on October 24, International UN Day, and your opportunity to participate remotely with conversations around innovation at SAP. Learn more in this blog.