The secret of living to 100 years


  1. Boston Medical Faculty of the research carried out by experts in the United States , age , duration of residence affects the character revealed .

    Geriatrics specialist Thomas Perl and crew , until the age of about 75 and 100 or more in the nature of a man who lived about 250 was observed .
    France's Le Figaro newspaper website , scientists at the end of the study , the participants came to the conclusion that family members sociable and less irritable . Perl , slightly neurotic people who are able to handle stress better , more friendly and sociable people on the occasion of his friends said it was very good .

    A lot of research in the last 10 years or 100 years or more was observed in the lifestyles of the people " to unravel the genome codes " were studied. But the ' Journal of the American geriatrics Society ' journal published for the first time in this study, scientists closely with those people interested psixologoyası .


    Geriatric specialist at the University of Paris, Françoise Forette , " to live up to 100 years ," stressed the importance of life, love and optimistic thinking .

    Forette " early retirement " is not a good idea , 10 times less than retirement during their working years , the people doing the work , it also reduces the work mentality .

    International Health and Medical Research Institute , Jean- Marie Robine , the material is considered to be the factors that affect human life . Robine an average age of 86 for women , 79.2 for men in Japan is said to be balanced financial income between rich and poor . Britain , U.S. and Barziliyada is a big difference between the incomes of rich and poor , and therefore the life of the people living in these countries is less focused on the Japanese .


    Feeding the " live up to 100 years, " plays a key role . For this reason, as well , it is important to go through a medical examination every year .