How to Successfully Initiate the SEO Process of a New Website


  1. While you are planning to launch a new website for your business, the next thing you may be thinking about is the successful SEO. At this stage, you might read and hear all about the complexities involved in SEO. Nevertheless, SEO is not that a complex process to start with. While there is no argument over the fact that SEO requires great amount of patience, you can work smartly to make sure that you are getting the most out of small investment of time and money.

    Again, earning a better rank for the generalized keywords related to your brand may not be possible at the early stage, but you can do small changes to get better traffic. One day, after consistent efforts, you may be able to improve the rank of your website for generalized keywords and phrases.

    As for now, we talking about the starter SEO to help you kick start the digital marketing process.
  2. Use a good SEO plugin

    You need a good website to start the process of digital marketing. And since it is your first effort for the online marketing of your website, you need to make sure that you are using simpler website development options. Wordpress is the ideal option to start with. Wordpress websites are not only architecturally correct, but they often come equipped with the fundamental SEO tools that make website optimization easier. Nevertheless, you can also install separate SEO plugins in order to get more assistance in website optimization.
  3. Choose the niche carefully

    Unless your target audience gets reduced terribly, choose specific niche by using specific keywords. Using too generic keywords would put you in a competition against big players of the market who would have established themselves over the years by spending huge budgets. Surely you don’t want to get disappeared in that competition.

    An effective keyword research is surely going to help you here. However, make sure that you are using the long-tail keywords.
  4. Effective on-site optimization

    While the website builder platform may be pretty helpful for you, you need to make sure that you are adding every page in appropriate category and subcategory. Moreover, targeted keywords should be used in the titles of pages. Write high quality content for every page of the website.
  5. Off-page optimization

    Aside from on-page work and content marketing, you should pay equal attention to off-page optimization with the help of effective link building. However, make sure that you are using only high quality website to publish your website’s link. One good way of doing so is to write content and publish it along with the link to your site on the external publishers and websites that allow guest posts.
  6. Good strategy for reporting

    A mechanism for scheduled reporting can help you monitor and manage the SEO campaign you are running. For this purpose, you can use Google Analytics. This tool shows the amount of traffic and the ranking position of your site.
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