Relaxing Style Lounge Salon in San Diego

Finding a good salon that meets all of your requirements is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack.


  1. Finding a good salon that meets all of your requirements is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. They can be too expensive, take too long, be too chatty, not chatty enough, always be booked or end up leaving you disappointed. For most women, getting their hair done is one of the only times they get to relax, unwind and have some much needed personal time. The experience of getting a new hair style should be exciting and carefree. Style Lounge Salon in San Diego caters to women and men who want to get a refreshing style in a relaxing environment at an affordable price.

    The stylists at Style Lounge are experts in the art of making people feel good. They love what they do and are passionate about making people feel amazing. They know that when you look good, you feel good. In order for them to be considered the Best hair salon in san diego, they know the client has to be number one. They are able to exceed client expectations by wowing them with extras while they are getting their desired service done.

    The services provided by this san diego hair salon include cut, color, highlights, nails, threading, blow outs and makeup. They keep up with popular fashion trends that keep their clients looking fresh. The latest trend sweeping the salon industry is blowouts. Getting a blow out is visiting a salon to get exactly that. Stylists will wash your hair and blow dry and style to your desired look. There is no cut or color involved, only washing, and blow drying. For women who are short on time or simply not that good at styling their own hair, this service is invaluable. For a special occasion, an important meeting or even just to unwind and feel fabulous, a blow out is just the ticket. The Style Lounge offers a happy hour every week that is an unbeatable deal complete with a glass of wine.

    Finding good blow-out hair styles can be confusing and result in lots of trial and error. The Style Lounge strives to make you feel like you've never felt before with every service. Instead of bouncing around from salon to salon, it's a great feeling to find the perfect fit and become a loyal customer where you'll instantly feel like family. If you're not sure if the salon will be able to achieve your desired look, you can set up a consultation to see what your best options will be. Helping people achieve their dreams is the best part of being a stylist in San Diego!