#Scriptchat Transcript: Mickey Fisher @MickeyFisher73 talks writing the sci-fi TV series. April 15, 2018

A super fun and informative chat with guest Mickey Fisher @MickeyFisher73 (Extant, Reverie, The Strain, Mars) answering our questions about writing for TV/writing the sci-fi TV series.

  1. It's time for #scriptchat with guest @MickeyFisher73 (Extant, Reverie, The Strain, Mars)! TOPIC: Writing the sci-fi TV series. Chat here:  http://www.tchat.io/rooms/scriptchat 
  2. IT'S #SCRIPTCHAT O'CLOCK with guest @MickeyFisher73 (Extant, Reverie, The Strain, Mars)! 

TOPIC: Writing the sci-fi TV series

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    IT'S #SCRIPTCHAT O'CLOCK with guest @MickeyFisher73 (Extant, Reverie, The Strain, Mars)! TOPIC: Writing the sci-fi TV series Chat here:  http://www.tchat.io/rooms/scriptchat  pic.twitter.com/BApAPeVGPw
  3. Hi, all! I'm moderating our chat w/ @MickeyFisher73 (Extant, Reverie, The Strain, Mars)! TOPIC: Writing the sci-fi TV series. #scriptchat
  4. Hey, everyone! Happy to be here. We can talk sci-fi but I'm happy to talk general questions about my process/story as well. #scriptchat
  5. Welcome, @MickeyFisher73! Thank you for joining us! Wonderful to have you back here. #scriptchat
  6. @SarahAlexis4 Thanks for hosting tonight's chat, and thanks to @MickeyFisher73 for joining us! :) Great to have you here again! #scriptchat
  7. @MickeyFisher73 Before questions, can we start with you telling us a bit about yourself and your background in the industry? #scriptchat
  8. Always loved sci-fi... got more than a few sci-fi worlds of my own in various states of progress #scriptchat
  9. @MickeyFisher73 Pouring you a complimentary virtual #scriptchat beverage of choice. And a treat for your dog!
  10. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 Sure! From small town in Ohio, went to school for musical theater. Started writing monologues... #scriptchat
  11. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 By the time I left school I wanted to be a writer. Spent 20 years learning before I sold Extant. #scriptchat
  12. So who here isn't writing a sci-fi thing but wants to? #scriptchat
  13. Extant ran 2 seasons, wrote for a show called Mars, then a season on The Strain, then sold my new show Reverie, coming to NBC. #scriptchat
  14. @MickeyFisher73 Loved Extant. Congrats on Reverie. Will definitely be watching! #scriptchat
  15. @blueneumann I might have thought about doing sci-fi at one point, but maybe a sci-fi comedy in the future? #scriptchat
  16. Please try to remember to start your question tweets with a "Q:" so it's easier to spot in the feed. Thank you! #scriptchat
  17. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 And I can't get enough Sarah Shahi, so... definitely psyched for this one #scriptchat
  18. Q: Why does it seem all the sci-fi as late is dystopia? #scriptchat
  19. @Al_1701 Because the world sucks so much right now. Also because it's probably easier to be negative than positive. #scriptchat
  20. What comes first for you when breaking a story, character, concept, something else #scriptchat @MickeyFisher73
  21. @MickeyFisher73 Q: When dev your sci-fi story/world what kind of questions might you ask yourself/explore? #scriptchat
  22. @Al_1701 There's definitely a lot. I think sci-fi is always a great Trojan Horse to talk about our world now, maybe a reaction. #scriptchat
  23. @blueneumann Shouldn't we be pushed more to think of a brighter future then? #scriptchat
  24. @MickeyFisher73 Hey Mickey and #scriptchat! Wanted to say Mickey's one cool dude who genuinely cares about his fellow writers! #scriptchat
  25. @Al_1701 Yeah, but it's not something many people can do. Even idealistic Star Trek got bogged down in negative shit #scriptchat
  26. @Robert_E_Dillon @MickeyFisher73 Either character or concept. Rev started with concept: what if VR was so great we didn't want #scriptchat
  27. @MickeyFisher73 @Al_1701 Yeah, sci-fi is a great framing device to bring up topical, moral and philosophical issues. #scriptchat
  28. @MickeyFisher73 @Robert_E_Dillon to stop coming back. Character followed: who do you send in? Answer: hostage negotiator #scriptchat
  29. @collinlieberg @MickeyFisher73 Except it seems everything is a survivalist's wetdream or a fascist state anymore. #scriptchat
  30. @MickeyFisher73 Based on your experience making Extant, what are some good tips for working/establishing a writer's room? #scriptchat
  31. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 I kind of follow what interests me most - character or concept - until I zero in on the theme. #scriptchat
  32. @MickeyFisher73 And for working with other writers/getting feedback and notes? #scriptchat
  33. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 Once I know what I'm REALLY writing about, I try to service that first and foremost. #scriptchat
  34. Brighter futures are boring. Hard to get much drama from a utopia where everything is peachy keen #scriptchat  https://twitter.com/al_1701/status/985671238386421760 
  35. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 #scriptchat Q: I have a new feature idea, in a genre I’m not familiar with (horror). How can I test the strength of that idea before I start planning/writing? (from a big fan of ‘Extant’!)
  36. @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 A couple key things: making the room a place where failure is an option so that people are empowered #scriptchat
  37. @MickeyFisher73 Q: In terms of sci-fi, what topics are you interested in exploring (futuristic, technology, fantasy worlds)? #scriptchat
  38. @Robert_E_Dillon Not peachy keen, but I find what passes for modern sci-fi boring. Same characters, same plot, same tone. #scriptchat
  39. @MickeyFisher73 @filmwritr4 to take risks in pitching. As creator, I lead the charge and pitch "the bad version" without fear. #scriptchat
  40. @Robert_E_Dillon Stated differently, drama is conflict. Dystopia is very fertile ground. #Scriptchat
  41. @MickeyFisher73 Q: When working with a writers' room, do you plot out the season arc and have them pitch ideas based on that arc #scriptchat
  42. @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 For past 5 yrs I've been most interested in ideas re consciousness/soul told via AI or ET stories #scriptchat
  43. @MickeyFisher73 Q: I wonder about that because of the differences between serialized and procedurals #scriptchat
  44. @MickeyFisher73 @filmwritr4 I wrote a play about cloning that deals with same issues: who are we really? #scriptchat
  45. @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 Yeah, we usually build big tent pole ideas for season arc first, then lens down on individual eps. #scriptchat
  46. @melissahilfers @Robert_E_Dillon It puts people in a desperate position where they need to take bigger risks, perhaps #scriptchat
  47. @MickeyFisher73 I have thought about doing a story regarding the possibilities (and dangers) of an AI president, but... #scriptchat
  48. @MickeyFisher73 ...I really don't have a lot of expertise on the subject, to be honest. It would be more of a sci-fi/thriller #scriptchat
  49. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 Follow-up question: since sci-fi requires so much meticulous world-building, do you leave room for letting your characters take you in surprising directions, or do you stick to the outline? #scriptchat
  50. @Webb_W_W @Robert_E_Dillon Falling Sky, Walking Dead, Revolution. It's always earth got screwed and survivalists run everything. #scriptchat
  51. @chasinglamely We can talk writing in general as well, I know not everyone is into the genre. Hello! #scriptchat
  52. @MickeyFisher73 Q: How do you decide what rules govern your sci-fi world? How quickly do you show them? #scriptchat
  53. Reposting @HamishDwyer's question: "Q: I have a new feature idea, in a genre I’m not familiar with (horror)." (cont'd) #scriptchat
  54. (cont'd) "How can I test the strength of that idea before I start planning/writing? (from a big fan of ‘Extant’!)" #scriptchat
  55. I will say this: the more I do this, the more I realize how much more important the simple emotional character story is... #scriptchat
  56. @MickeyFisher73 as opposed to cool worldbuilding, mythology, sci-fi trappings, etc. Lose sight of that at your peril. I have. #scriptchat
  57. @MickeyFisher73 I know you can only speak for the genre-specific shows you've done, but I wonder if that's the same for shows that are procedural/non-serialized (especially sitcoms) #scriptchat
  58. @MickeyFisher73 In the end, story is about character regardless of what surrounds them. #scriptchat
  59. @SarahAlexis4 I'd ask is there a strong emotional story at the core that you connect with first? To Krasinski, A QUIET PLACE was #scriptchat
  60. @MickeyFisher73 funny you say that... I was watching a novellist on Twitch talk about writing fantasy and they started off... #scriptchat
  61. @chasinglamely @MickeyFisher73 ...talking about worldbuilding as the first thing they do and I was like... really? #scriptchat
  62. @Al_1701 @Webb_W_W Sci-fi is all about the creator’s message & POV. It either resonates with the viewer or it doesn’t #scriptchat
  63. @chasinglamely @MickeyFisher73 Oh yeah. I got sci-fi ideas, worlds, rules etc that I never found the right characters to put in #scriptchat
  64. If your world doesn't build itself organically around your characters it'll always feel clunky... in any genre. #scriptchat
  65. @chasinglamely @MickeyFisher73 And other times, I have characters and a sci-fi world appears around them #scriptchat
  66. @chasinglamely @MickeyFisher73 For some people that may be the key to getting "in" to their story but I put in back seat now. #scriptchat
  67. @JonFour Yeah, it cuts the tweets off if they're over the old character limit... But multiple tweets are just fine! #scriptchat
  68. @MickeyFisher73 Q: Also, how do you decide how much to reveal about the world/weirdness in each episode? #scriptchat
  69. @MickeyFisher73 Q: From your experience in TV, how do you approach rewrites/working under deadlines for an episode? #scriptchat
  70. @collinlieberg @MickeyFisher73 I'm a huge fan of peeling back onion slowly. Hard to do in network, they want you to HOOK fast! #scriptchat
  71. @MickeyFisher73 @collinlieberg So for me, it's about doing more with less: how can I keep people engaged moment to moment. #scriptchat
  72. @VeniceRiley @hectorcortez @netflix :) By the way, #scriptchat is going on right now. @MickeyFisher73 (creator of EXTANT and the upcoming NBC sci-fi series REVERIE) is talking sci-fi/TV writing tonight! LINK:  http://www.tchat.io/rooms/scriptchat 
  73. @melissahilfers Hey Melissa *waves* Welcome to you too! Great to see you here! #scriptchat
  74. @MickeyFisher73 I'd argue, though, that you can lay in the hook too fast, too. Altered Carbon lost me within about ten minutes. #scriptchat
  75. @MickeyFisher73 Q: Any tips for establishing rules of your world without too much exposition/info dumps? Especially in pilot. #scriptchat
  76. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 Q this is #scriptchat I keep a purple heart of a member of my family who was driven to suicide by his family, how about no family Syfy?
  77. @MickeyFisher73 @collinlieberg on NBC we have 5 act brks, plus end of episode hook - you have to strategize reveals carefully. #scriptchat
  78. @blueneumann @MickeyFisher73 I tried, but I felt like it gushed the world at me immediately, so I had no reference point. #scriptchat
  79. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 I try to do it via character as much as possible - be with Alice as she goes down rabbit hole and #scriptchat
  80. @MickeyFisher73 How do you know when you have a strong story engine to get 5+ seasons? Do you just *know*? #scriptchat
  81. @VeniceRiley @hectorcortez @MickeyFisher73 He is here to talk about writing for sci-fi/TV, and he's got some great advice #scriptchat
  82. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 really take audience into their emotional point of view as they learn about the world. #scriptchat
  83. @MickeyFisher73 If memory serves, you won trackingb contest, right? Were you a repped/optioned writer when you won that contest? Forgive me if I have the details wrong. #scriptchat
  84. @UnChat @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 Imagine need some sort of “family” even if it isn’t a blood one or parent/child relationship #scriptchat
  85. @MickeyFisher73 when you pitch a show, do you start with the world or the story? Which is more important to grab the buyer? #scriptchat
  86. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 Q: On that note, how do you take into account the backstories of chars without exposition? #scriptchat
  87. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 Q: Or without spending a considerable amount of time using exposition/flashbacks? #scriptchat
  88. @hectorcortez @MickeyFisher73 I think keying in to central emotional story: tension for Tony Soprano between mob and family... #scriptchat
  89. @MickeyFisher73 @hectorcortez Walter White's evolution from mild mannered teacher to criminal kingpin - Mr. Chips to Scarface... #scriptchat
  90. @MickeyFisher73 @hectorcortez If you can find that way in that allows growth/evolution/continued conflict, you're in good shape. #scriptchat
  91. @UnChat To me, it's a bit of a fools errand to plot in detail seven seasons, so many things can go wrong/change. #scriptchat
  92. @MickeyFisher73 @filmwritr4 #scriptchat Mickey, What do you think of not saving things to throw at your characters until later? I binged Lost in Space. It seemed gorgeous but slow
  93. @MickeyFisher73 @UnChat Is it better to make every season self-contained, so the series can end there or build from it? #scriptchat
  94. @MickeyFisher73 @UnChat Audience or network hates character or actor, two actors lack chemistry once camera rolls, etc. #scriptchat
  95. @MickeyFisher73 @UnChat It's better to have ideas of paths it COULD go rather than set anything in stone, right? #scriptchat
  96. @MickeyFisher73 Q: Thoughts on how to approach pleasing your sci-fi fans & appealing to those who may not be big genre fans? #scriptchat
  97. @MickeyFisher73 @UnChat I think you can have big ideas, plan for the best, but be, as Bruce said, "Like water." #scriptchat
  98. @MickeyFisher73 How did you plot out Season 1 of Extant, as opposed to a single episode? #scriptchat
  99. I love watching SF, but I always feel like originality is growing scarce. I feel like I've seen every version of "in space" now. #scriptchat
  100. @VeniceRiley @MickeyFisher73 @filmwritr4 Yeah, tough problem - it's why so many series sag mid-season. I've done it. You save #scriptchat
  101. @chasinglamely Sometimes "sci fi" is a setting, sometimes it's actually true "sci fi." #scriptchat
  102. @MickeyFisher73 @UnChat If you plan out seven seasons & the show doesn't survive past thirteen episodes, you've wasted a lot of time & energy. #ScriptChat
  103. @MickeyFisher73 @VeniceRiley @filmwritr4 for big, action packed finale but meanwhile, episodes 4-7 are starving. It's why in TV #scriptchat
  104. @blueneumann that's the trouble. Like, "war in space"? Seen it. Been there. "Time Travel"? We don't have that many questions. #scriptchat
  105. @MickeyFisher73 @VeniceRiley Q: Have you had to come up with creative "workarounds" given how doing TV sci-fi can be expensive? #scriptchat
  106. Q: @MickeyFisher73 How does coming in to "play" in someone else's sci-fi world differ from creating your own? #scriptchat
  107. @HamishDwyer @MickeyFisher73 We had big ideas for first season, broke it into 3 acts. We knew a few big moves along the way. #scriptchat
  108. @chasinglamely And you can't go to insane with your sci-fi or it'll be insanely expensive and difficult to follow #scriptchat
  109. @MickeyFisher73 @HamishDwyer What would happen end of season "act 1" etc, then planned episodes accordingly. But it changes. #scriptchat
  110. @blueneumann exactly. It feels like there's a big gap between "has Star Trek already done this?" and "what's crazy?" to explore. #scriptchat
  111. @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 @VeniceRiley For sure. You dream big but eventually real people have to make it, on budget, lol. #scriptchat
  112. @chasinglamely @blueneumann So many "in space" shows. Sci-fi series that focus on AI/robotics/technology don't seem repetitive #scriptchat
  113. @blueneumann @chasinglamely I happened to see some episodes of it during my cruise last summer. #scriptchat
  114. @VeniceRiley @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen it yet but it sounds awesome and looks spectacular. #scriptchat
  115. @filmwritr4 @blueneumann even AI is getting played out now. I can't see how it gets better than Humans, but people keep trying. #scriptchat
  116. @blueneumann @chasinglamely The only real AI idea I had was a suspense/conspiracy thriller, but I'm not an expert on AI #scriptchat
  117. @blueneumann @filmwritr4 POI was fantastic, and it worked because it was barely sci-fi. It was reality turned up to 11. #scriptchat
  118. @chasinglamely @filmwritr4 @blueneumann There hasn't been anything new in anything in 2000 years. It's all about difference, now #scriptchat
  119. My current robot is proving interesting, she's not a Data or Seven Of Nine type... I'm constantly surprised by her instincts. #scriptchat
  120. @blueneumann @chasinglamely And personally I think it would work better as a movie, rather than a series. #scriptchat
  121. @JonFour @MickeyFisher73 I love chance to be on someone else's team. I binge all material, submerge in their style. It's... #scriptchat
  122. @MickeyFisher73 @filmwritr4 Shoreh Agdashloo throwing f-bombs. I’m just saying. Where will your new show air? How are your writing restrictions?#scriptchat
  123. @MickeyFisher73 @JonFour a challenge but I love it. I liken it to being invited over to friend's house to play with their toys. #scriptchat
  124. Re: originality, hard to do anything truly new these days. I just try to make it unique to me, my POV/dreams/desires. #scriptchat
  125. @filmwritr4 @blueneumann with POI it took them a while to make it work. Started off well, then they added Amy Acker's character #scriptchat
  126. @chasinglamely @filmwritr4 But I doubt they could have added Root earlier. You need to know the system before you can hack it #scriptchat
  127. @MickeyFisher73 @JonFour I’m writing on someone else’s web series now. It’s fun playing with someone else’s toys for a change #scriptchat
  128. @MickeyFisher73 I'll never top CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, ET, ALIENS, BLADE RUNNER... but I can an alien story unique to me. #scriptchat
  129. @MickeyFisher73 @JonFour Q: On being part of a series that's not your own (ex. MARS, THE STRAIN), what challenges do you face #scriptchat
  130. @MickeyFisher73 Q: What'd you do for the 20 years between college and making Extant? #scriptchat
  131. 15 minutes left to chat with @MickeyFisher73! There's still time to toss out a question you have about writing sci-fi/TV. #scriptchat
  132. @filmwritr4 @blueneumann and she gave it a dynamic that the show had been missing. That touch of energy. #scriptchat
  133. @MickeyFisher73 @JonFour Q: And do you feel you necessarily have to make what you write in their style or... #scriptchat
  134. @MickeyFisher73 that's true. I just feel like I need to see more interesting set-ups. If it's in space, it can be underwater. #scriptchat
  135. @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 @JonFour Trying to zero in on showrunner/creator vision, understanding/pitching ideas from there. #scriptchat
  136. Q @MickeyFisher73: when writing scripts that require background research, do you consult with experts in the relevant fields, or ask them to beta-read your screenplay? If yes, how much accuracy do you aim for? #scriptchat
  137. @collinlieberg @MickeyFisher73 Worked as actor/director/writer in theater, made my own films, tons of day jobs, tons of pages. #scriptchat
  138. @MickeyFisher73 and the beauty of it is that we know more about space than our own oceans. Underwater is new and different. #scriptchat
  139. @MatchesMalone I'd only do a 1-hour pilot then a short concept/pitch doc first. Nobody doing two hour pilots that I know of. #scriptchat
  140. @MickeyFisher73 Q: What were some of the biggest lessons about the craft/the industry you learned during Extant's run? #scriptchat
  141. @collinlieberg @MickeyFisher73 Not in film or television, really. Had 2 contacts in tv before Extant broke through via contest #scriptchat
  142. For me, the best SF is the kind that changes one small thing from reality, then explores the effects of that. #scriptchat
  143. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 Everybody wants the show to be good, to succeed. Not everyone has best ideas how to get there. #scriptchat
  144. Something I would like to see in sci-fi is more weather without it turn into disaster porn. #scriptchat
  145. The longer I do this, the more I learn the difference between better/worse/different, which is important. #scriptchat
  146. There are disasters, but more emphasis should be on the science. #scriptchat
  147. Especially since it seems like the general public is woefully ignorant about this important aspect of our lives. #scriptchat
  148. @MickeyFisher73 The most important thing for me now is being able to state the simple, emotional story of the show/feature. #scriptchat
  149. @MickeyFisher73 And lastly, when I get stuck, I backtrack a number of steps and re-anchor myself in character's emotional POV. #scriptchat
  150. @MickeyFisher73 Q: Any suggestions about setting aside writing/story preparation time amid a busy schedule (day job, etc.)? #scriptchat
  151. Like Falling Skies was a survival/war story with aliens. Man In The High Castle, where six inches changes everything... #scriptchat
  152. @HamishDwyer @ASecrest949 Sure! Company makes fully immersive VR, people get addicted/stuck, they hire a hostage negotiator #scriptchat
  153. @filmwritr4 @MickeyFisher73 @JonFour @chasinglamely I didn’t have anything to do with season one, but it’s really good. The actors who play the main characters are phenomenal. I’m humbled to be on board for season two #scriptchat
  154. @MickeyFisher73 @HamishDwyer @ASecrest949 to go into their "reveries," make contact to try and bring them back to the real world #scriptchat
  155. @chasinglamely No idea if I like High Castle or not. World interests me, like the twists, only like one character on it #scriptchat
  156. @JLalliWriter No, no reps, very few contacts. Got my manager/agents from placing in that contest. #scriptchat
  157. @blueneumann it takes a while to get into, but you're not supposed to like or trust anyone at any point. #scriptchat
  158. @chasinglamely I'm not talking about trusting or liking them, as a viewer, I only really enjoy Rufus Sewell #scriptchat
  159. @JLalliWriter @MickeyFisher73 Awesome job, Mickey. Can't wait to see what you've got coming up with Reverie! #scriptchat
  160. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 I'd like to see it, but I hate having to be the illegal stream guy because I want you to get paid! #scriptchat
  161. @MickeyFisher73 Q: Any last thoughts/advice on writing sci-fi and TV, in general, you might want to share as we wrap up? #scriptchat
  162. @blueneumann Hmm, not much I can do about that. I got lost in the world very quickly. #scriptchat
  163. @MickeyFisher73 Q: How different is/was writing for streaming service vs network? #scriptchat
  164. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 Sci-fi can do things no other genre can, it can hold up a mirror but in the most entertaining way #scriptchat
  165. @MickeyFisher73 One final question from me: If you had to recommend a show you didn't write to us to study, what would it be? #scriptchat
  166. @MickeyFisher73 @SarahAlexis4 No matter if it's aliens or robots or whatever, if you can find a way to talk about who we are now #scriptchat
  167. @chasinglamely Oh, and the old Japanese guy who can jump between realities, I like him #scriptchat
  168. @MickeyFisher73 Q: Enjoyed any scripts from up-and-coming screenwriters recently? #scriptchat
  169. @collinlieberg @MickeyFisher73 My experience w/cable and streaming is still limited. I think there's more freedom/leeway to #scriptchat
  170. @SarahAlexis4 @UnChat Indeed. Don't be a stranger, and don't be afraid to be strange ;-) #scriptchat
  171. take risks, not worry about if people are changing channel during commercials. Network, bigger reach but more involvement. #scriptchat
  172. What a fun hour! Please join me in thanking our wonderful guest @MickeyFisher73 for joining us tonight and give him a follow! #scriptchat
  173. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, folks. I wish you all the best with your writing, break legs and hearts. Keep in touch! #scriptchat
  174. @MickeyFisher73 Thank you for being our guest! Awesome to hear your insights. All the best with Reverie and all your projects! #scriptchat
  175. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 Thank you very much Mickey, you've been a brilliant guest. And Sarah, as always, a wonderful host! #scriptchat
  176. @MickeyFisher73 Thanks so much for sharing your expertise, insight and advice with us Mickey! :) Really appreciate it! #scriptchat
  177. @SarahAlexis4 @MickeyFisher73 This hour flew by! Amazing to get so many quick answers. Thanks so much! Good luck with the show! #scriptchat
  178. Thank you all for being here and taking part in the chat! #scriptchat
  179. @MickeyFisher73 Wishing you all the best with REVERIE, and with your future film/TV projects! Thanks for taking the time to chat #scriptchat
  180. Oh, and yes -- please check out REVERIE on NBC! May 30th! #scriptchat
  181. @MickeyFisher73 It shall be checked out as soon as legally practicable. @NetflixUK - can you pick up @ReverieNBC, please? #scriptchat
  182. Next Sunday #Scriptchat w/ Tawnya Bhattacharya @ScriptAnatomy - Writer/Supervising Producer, Famous in Love; Founder of Script Anatomy.