#Scriptchat Transcript: Discussing Oscar-Nominated Scripts/Films February 25, 2018

We had a fun chat discussing this year's Oscar-nominated scripts/films and what we could learn from them. Moderated by @SarahAlexis4

  1. IT'S #SCRIPTCHAT O'CLOCK! TOPIC: Let's discuss this year's Oscar-nominated films/scripts and what we can learn from them. Chat here:  http://www.tchat.io/rooms/scriptchat 
  2. It's time for #scriptchat! TOPIC: Let's discuss this year's Oscar-nominated films/scripts and what we can learn from them. Chat here:  http://www.tchat.io/rooms/scriptchat 
  3. Can I just say I think the Oscars are highly overrated. #scriptchat
  4. I think it's because there are movies written specifically for the judges rather than the general audience. #scriptchat
  5. @Al_1701 Generally speaking, I agree, but the BTL awards tend to me more deserved. #scriptchat
  6. Sorry about that, was accidentally logged in as Scriptchat! #scriptchat
  7. @Al_1701 I get that impression as well... a bit like Sweeps on television #scriptchat
  8. Of the nominated scripts, I've seen vShape of Water, Three Billboards and Loga, and read The Big Sick. Could be better, but I think I've done worse other years too. #scriptchat
  9. Hello, all! Our topic tonight is discussing this year's Oscar-nominated films/scripts and what can we learn from them. #scriptchat
  10. @DevSeventyFive And I think that hurts the Academy's sway even more than the diversity issue. #scriptchat
  11. Ugh... The Shape of Water*, Logan*, it's a typo kinda night. #scriptchat
  12. So, I pay more attention to the People's Choice Awards. #scriptchat
  13. I thought perhaps we could start with the original screenplay category. Has anybody read any of the nominated scripts? #scriptchat
  14. Original Screenplay: “The Big Sick”“Get Out” “Lady Bird” “The Shape of Water” "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” #scriptchat
  15. I read all the original screenplay nominees this year. Haven't seen them all yet though. #scriptchat
  16. @SarahAlexis4 I read The Big Sick. Quite enjoyed it. It chad kind of an informal style, that i think worked for the material. And i could really envision everything. #scriptchat
  17. @SeatownCraig Don't forget to use the #scriptchat hashtag so we all see your tweets! :)
  18. Hmm, rookie mistake - must've been omitted in the last one, my bad #scriptchat
  19. @SeatownCraig I agree, the opening to Three Billboards really pulled me in. The reveal in reverse of what the three billboards say and what it sets off. #scriptchat
  20. This discussion just drives home how I need to get back in the saddle when it comes to reading the scripts. #scriptchat
  21. So for original screenplay, loved the opening of 3 Billboards - you had the sense Mildred was not to be trifled with in the first five pages #scriptchat
  22. @JonFour Reading in general for me. I read outside. Outside's sucked recently #scriptchat
  23. It seems like some of my tweets aren't showing up in the chatroom... #scriptchat
  24. Without any of us doing the reading, this #scriptchat is going to be a short one
  25. @SeatownCraig I agree, opening to 3 Billboards pulled me in. The reveal in reverse of the three billboards & what it sets off. #scriptchat
  26. @JonFour I read/saw The Big Sick. I like how they pulled the love interest early and it became about Kumail and her parents. #scriptchat
  27. @SarahAlexis4 For sure, a bit of a romcom twist there. Usually when the main character meets the love interest's parents, the love interest is there to be a buffer. #scriptchat
  28. What about the adapted screenplays? Anybody read or see any of those? #scriptchat
  29. “Call Me by Your Name”“The Disaster Artist” “Logan”"Molly’s Game”“Mudbound” #scriptchat
  30. @real_lyle_J What were your thoughts on the ones you saw? Any lessons/thoughts you may consider for your own work? :) #scriptchat
  31. @SarahAlexis4 Read none, saw Logan... did better seeing the original side this year. #scriptchat
  32. Funny thing about Logan, it took place in the future but still felt like it took place in the Real World more than the others #scriptchat
  33. Read 'Molly's Game', 'Call Me By Your Name', and watched 'The Disaster Artist' - too bad Franco got caught up in controversy, he nailed the portrayal of Tommy Wiseau #scriptchat
  34. @JonFour I saw Logan too. I admit, I'm not well versed in Marvel universe but still enjoyed the central relationship & Logan arc #scriptchat
  35. saw Mudbound -- gripping -- satisfying arcs there. Just a disturbing era. #scriptchat
  36. @blueneumann I was thinking that too as I was watching. Because I think they mentioned the year at some point. #scriptchat
  37. @SarahAlexis4 Well that, but they used smart phones for the first time, little things like that #scriptchat
  38. @real_lyle_J I just finally watched Mudbound. Thought it was beautifully written and filmed. #scriptchat
  39. 3 billboards seemed to wander in Act 3 and not close week IMO. #scriptchat
  40. @SarahAlexis4 I think Logan's very easy to get into without being a Marvel/X-Men buff. It's a classic western (with claws) with, I think, relatable, lessons on love and mortality. #scriptchat
  41. @real_lyle_J Something I really liked about 3 billboards was the specificity of the town/characters. #scriptchat
  42. @JonFour Oh, yes, I think that's it! I was wondering why some tweets weren't showing up here! #scriptchat
  43. Get Out is getting huge props. I heard you need to watch it a couple times #scriptchat
  44. Something I heard Jordan Peele say was that he follows the fun when he's writing. I liked that. #scriptchat
  45. @real_lyle_J Can watch again once the reveals have been made... but it was satisfying to me the first time. #scriptchat
  46. The way Jordan weaved the deer metaphor through the story was cool #scriptchat
  47. Did anybody read/see Pixar's Coco nominated for Best Animated Film? I thought it was great. #scriptchat
  48. @dwacon totally agree. 2d time through you pick up on the particulars! #scriptchat
  49. I actually saw it twice and was able to focus on the setups/plants and payoffs, the clever ways the story unfolded. #scriptchat
  50. @SarahAlexis4 @dwacon @real_lyle_J I believe it...those I’ve talked about it or seen it with all predicted different endings. #scriptchat
  51. I, Tonya wasn't nominated for screenplay but I really enjoyed the tone/pacing/style of that script. #scriptchat
  52. I need to watch 'Get Out' again to pick up on the metaphors a bit better - got a bit lost with the chair/captivity/freefalling #scriptchat
  53. @SarahAlexis4 Jumping in late! But yes! I adored it. Such brilliant construction that totally paid off emotionally. #scriptchat
  54. @SarahAlexis4 shameless plus - just started twitter so invite all of you to follow -- thank you #scriptchat
  55. Get out emphasizes how every word counts on the page - amazing #scriptchat
  56. One lesson from “Get Out” is to come up with the surprise ending FIRST……………… and then create a circuitous path with false clues.… #scriptchat
  57. Call Me by Your Name, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, Get Out, Lady Bird, Phantom Thread, The Post, The Shape of Water, 3 Billboardsi #scriptchat
  58. How was 'The Post'? I've heard conflicting things (some say it's great, others think it's not Speilberg's best work) #scriptchat
  59. Get Out taught me to start with the surprise ending……… and then create a circuitous path to it #scriptchat
  60. Dunkirk -- struggled to follow. A lot going on in that script. #scriptchat
  61. @SeatownCraig I read it but haven't seen it yet. I thought it was well written and timely. #scriptchat
  62. I read 3 Billboards and Lady Bird. I have to say I thought Lady Bird was good, but it didn’t blow me away. I think the magic must be more on-screen for that one? I haven’t seen it yet. #scriptchat
  63. Is there anything that wasn't nominated that you were hoping would be? And why, what was it about it you thought was well done? #scriptchat
  64. Having four adult daughters helped me related to Lady Bird! LOL #scriptchat
  65. @real_lyle_J I enjoyed the relationship/dynamic between the mother and daughter. That car scene at the start... lol #scriptchat
  66. @dwacon Like reverse engineering. Do you write in the horror/thriller genre? #scriptchat
  67. There was so much tension/drama - the dad and son at the end? Wow #scriptchat
  68. I saw somebody who couldn't make it the chat posed a question for the chat. #scriptchat
  69. .@AdrienneAiken asked Re. The Shape of Water. There seem to be a lot of films/TV set in the past. (cont'd) #scriptchat
  70. Do you think it’s because it’s harder to be mysterious/romantic in a modern world? #scriptchat
  71. Contemporary romance involves Tinder, I'm pretty certain #scriptchat
  72. @SarahAlexis4 I think so! Today’s culture and technology get in the way of storytelling. You often have to find ways to “close doors” in the modern world. #scriptchat
  73. @SarahAlexis4 And then you take up half your script doing that instead of telling the story. #scriptchat
  74. @MeganKBickel I don't think your first tweet showed up in the chatroom... want to make sure people see it :) #scriptchat
  75. @SarahAlexis4 I haven't seen it either I just wondered how well the actress represented a deaf person #scriptchat
  76. I liked the fairytale feel of The Shape of Water while reading it. #scriptchat
  77. If you all had a ballot, who would your nominees have been for best screenplay or best film? #scriptchat
  78. @MeganKBickel I think you were responding to Coco earlier, saying it emotionally paid off? I agree. #scriptchat
  79. @SarahAlexis4 Definitely would have had Get Out and Logan in the screenplay categories. Would have put Wonder Woman in best pic. 😬#scriptchat
  80. @MeganKBickel I thought the way they used the song Remember Me in different iterations was clever. #scriptchat
  81. @SarahAlexis4 That question about time/setting and romance, made me think of Phantom Thread. Intriguing...anyone read it? #scriptchat
  82. @SarahAlexis4 Yes. I totally felt taken on a ride in that film. Like it was just weaving an emotional tapestry. Brilliant. #scriptchat
  83. @SarahAlexis4 Agreed! I went and saw it with a giant group of family (13 of us) and every single one was in tears at some point. Ages 10-50, boys, girls, women, men. #scriptchat
  84. On a side note... met Greta at the Writers Guild and kind’a rooting for her... #scriptchat
  85. @MeganKBickel That's something I also admired about Coco and Pixar films in general, the way it resonates with all ages. #scriptchat
  86. Just for fun, any predictions on who will win any of the Oscar categories? #scriptchat
  87. Adapted Screenplay: Molly's Game, Original: Get Out, Best Pic: Get Out #scriptchat
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  89. To wrap up in our remaining few minutes, anybody want to share something they learned from any of the scripts/films? #scriptchat
  90. I think for me what I've read/seen reinforced importance of hooking the reader in opening pages and paying attention to pacing #scriptchat
  91. Thanks for the hour chat -- you are all some great peeps! Keep creating! #scriptchat
  92. Also, how I connect with stories that feel authentic and personal to the writer #scriptchat
  93. @SarahAlexis4 Emotional power comes in the personal journey you take with the character, not just the plot. #scriptchat
  94. Thank you all for being here and taking part in the discussion! #scriptchat
  95. Thank you for moderating, Sarah - enjoy the Oscars next week, everyone, and have a great week of writing/creating #scriptchat