April 2012 Sales 2.0 Conference Recap Day 1

A recap of all the presentations, keynotes, and breakouts from Day 1 of the Sales 2.0 Conference, April 2-3, 2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco.


  1. The New Standards of Sales Success 8:40–9:05 am
    Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
  2. In Search of Sales Excellence 9:05–9:35 am
    Market growth remains slow or nonexistent in many major markets – yet some companies still manage to thrive. McKinsey recently asked 120 successful sales leaders to share their secrets for driving sales growth. In this presentation, McKinsey's Jon Vander Ark will share practical insights and real-world examples of ways companies are innovating from predictive analytics to big data-driven market insights to new engagement models to relentless performance management and execution. The session will also uncover cutting-edge practices in digital sales and explore critical differences in the approach to developed versus emerging markets. 
    Speaker: Jon Vander Ark, Principal, McKinsey & Company
  3. The Customer and YOU – How the Winners Are Defined by Superior Customer Experience 9:35–10:05 am
    As global competition increases, products commoditize quicker and pricing pressure grows, how can companies create a truly sustainable source of differentiation? The answer is superior customer experience (CX). Kirk Mosher, VP of CX, CRM, and eCommerce Product Marketing at Oracle, will explore what defines a superior customer experience, why leading companies are investing in customer-experience solutions that enrich all interactions between a customer and your company, and how customer experience drives measurable business results across the customer lifecycle by accelerating customer acquisition, maximizing customer retention, improving operational efficiency and increasing total sales.
    Speaker: Kirk Mosher, Vice President, CRM Product Marketing, Oracle