July 2012 Sales 2.0 Conference (Boston) Morning Recap

A recap of all morning keynotes and presentations from the Sales 2.0 Conference, July 23, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel in Boston, MA.


  1. Key Action-Items for Sales Management Success in 2012
    Are you doing everything you can to empower your team to win in today's selling environment? Today's sales teams are dealing with demanding buyers who are more informed than ever. If your sales process is not aligned with the way B2B customers want to buy, your team is vulnerable to failure. In this keynote, Gerhard Gschwandtner will discuss the challenges sales leaders currently face; trends that are impacting sales management success; and what it takes to create sales teams in the new, social world of sales.
    Speaker: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power

  2. Sales Transformation: Taking Your Team to the Next Level
    Continuous improvement is a hallmark of the world's best selling organizations. At some point in their career, however, most sales leaders will find themselves in a situation that requires a significant, large-scale transformation of their sales force strategy and capabilities. The triggers that indicate the need for a major sales transformation can include customer-need and buying-process changes, changes in your company's product/service portfolio, competitive threats, acquisitions/mergers, and unresolved sales performance issues. Successfully transforming your sales force is a complex endeavor that must be executed in a way that avoids putting the company at further risk to competitive threats. In this session, Mike Moorman will explain the elements that lead to a successful sales force transformation and what you can do to facilitate effective change. 
    Speaker: Mike Moorman, Managing Principal, ZS Associates
  3. Performance Drivers: Trends and Solutions To Help Your Team Win
    To lead a successful sales organization, leaders must make improvements in three key areas: planning, prospecting, and productivity. Hear how new trends in sales planning are allowing teams to intelligently optimize their territory and incentive/compensation plans in order to see more consistent results, deliver more accurate forecasts, achieve quota, and drive more revenue. You'll also learn the latest tactics in leveraging technology and processes to quickly identify the best prospects, develop high-quality leads, and empower reps to close more wins.
    Speaker: Chuck Penfield, Vice President, CRM Cloud Applications, Oracle
  4. Video-Based Communications: The Key to Improved Sales & Marketing Results
    The companies that win are those that communicate best. They've successfully integrated the resources, processes, and technology to connect with prospects and customers in meaningful ways at every step of the marketing and sales funnel. In this session, you will learn new strategies that leading companies use to deliver sales and marketing messages that engage new prospects, break through the communications clutter, resonate with audiences, and drive revenue. 
    Speaker: Dave Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, Brainshark