July 2012 Sales 2.0 Conference (Boston) Afternoon Recap

A recap of all afternoon keynotes and presentations from the Sales 2.0 Conference, July 23, 2012 at the Renaissance Hotel in Boston, MA.


  1. Breakout Session

    A – Sales Management: Using Science to Coach a Competitive Deal Review
    Drawing from the new book, The New Power Base Selling: Lessons from 28,000 Sellers and 50,000 Deals, Holden President and Author Ryan Kubacki will present strategies that sales managers can use to coach repeatable sales performance. Research shows that high-performing sales reps leverage three intangibles – politics, unexpected value, and strategy – to win business and maximize value to their customers and companies. This session will walk you through how to coach a competitive deal review. You'll build critical insight, including the ability to coach your sales reps to develop these selling strengths:Professionally leverage customer politics with new and advanced concepts and techniques.Create unexpected value for customers to build new demand.Formulate a complete strategy–and implement it with tactical precision.Increase customer satisfaction and your competitive differentiation.

    Speaker: Ryan Kubacki, CEO, Holden International

  2. Breakout Session
    B – Make Your Mobile, Social Solution Top Gun 
    Companies that win and lose their deals while competing on the front line understand the importance of selecting the right mobile strategy. Your mobility program defines you in the eyes of the prospect – even before you say a word. Your "wingmen," those frontline managers tasked with ramping up new sellers while keeping the deals in the funnel moving, are being stretched to the point where they can't do everything effectively. In this session, Scott Eidle will discuss how to equip your frontline managers with a mobile, social solution to determine the effectiveness of your sellers and whether or not they should remain on your team.
    Speaker: Scott "Maverick" Eidle, Director, Solutions Marketing, SAVO Group

  3. Breakout Session
    A – Motivating Your Sales Force with Gamification
    Businesses of all sizes make massive investments of time and money in enterprise applications that promise to increase sales productivity, but they struggle to get employees to actually use them. Game designers, social networks, and the travel industry have known for years that if you want people to engage in programs, you have to satisfy their need for progress, achievement, competition, reputation, and rewards. Learn how you can apply these same game mechanics to increase usage of sales tools and drive behaviors that deliver business results.
    Speaker: Brian Weimer, Sales Director, Bunchball

  4. Breakout Session 

    B – Trends That Will Impact Your Success: How Sales Leaders are Adapting to Sales 2.0
    In this session, you will hear from a panel of sales leaders who will share the steps they have taken to ensure their sales teams remain successful in a rapidly changing and competitive selling environment. They will discuss tools and processes they use to identify and qualify targeted prospects, influence winning sales behaviors, motivate reps, and more. You will learn the trends that you should ignore and which ones will impact the future success of your sales team.
    Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
    Panelists: Tony Murphy, Director, IT and Business Systems, Acme Packet
    M. Jeffrey Hoffman, President, MJ Hoffman and Associates, LLC
    David Gibson, Vice President, Marketing, Varonis
    Daniel P. Strunk, Managing Director, Center for Sales Leadership, College of Commerce, DePaul University