Hello World, my name is Sakda Dulyachart.

Storify is a social storytelling platform that lets you tell stories by bringing together media from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.


  1. Storify stories begin with a headline and summary, which is what you see above. Give your readers an idea of what your story is about, as the headline is what most people will see first. You can then start typing text in your story by clicking anywhere in the white space (or just above or below any element of your Story).
  2. Adding social media - 
    Storify lets you easily drag and drop media elements from social networks into a post to help tell your story. To get started, click on the Twitter icon on the right and then the magnifying glass icon to search. For example, type in "storify" to see the latest Tweets mentioning us. You then simply grab that and drop it into your story. When you're done, it looks like this:
  3. And you can also search for images on social networks, which will look like this:
  4. Or video:
  5. Adding links to any website - 
    You can also link to any Web site, like the official site for a company or event, a Wikipedia page to give background on a subject, or anywhere else your readers might like to see more information. Click the Google G icon to search for the right site, and drag it over. Or click on the link icon and paste in a link, then pull the link over. 
  6. Publishing and embedding - 
    When you're finished with your story, you can click publish and the story will then be visible on your Storify user page. All Storify stories are embeddable, meaning you can also post them on other sites like Wordpress, Tumblr and any Web site where you can insert an embed code. 
  7. Notify - 
    Because your stories are social, you can also let the people who are quoted know that they are now part of your story. This is a great way to help your story spread further, as people who are quoted are likely to also share it with their friends. After your story is published, you will be prompted to use the Notify feature. Give it a try, and we think you'll love the reaction you get!
  8. Editing and updating - 
    You can reorder any element by grabbing it and moving it around, or also delete it to make room for more. You can always go back to your story and keep updating it at any time. Readers will always see the latest version of what you've published. When they react on social networks, you can add what they say. 
    Thanks for using Storify! 
  9. Feedback, questions? -  
    Got questions, problems or thoughts about Storify? Please tell us! Send us a tweet to @storify, post to our Facebook page or email to info@storify.com.