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Story of #CharlieHebdo Massacre through my Twitter timeline... #JeSuisCharlie

While massive support and condemnation at a global level emerged, unfortunately nearly all pro-AKP Islamist papers and Twitter accounts in Turkey were quick to justify the attack...


  1. Some pro-AKP trolls like @Haritaci70 pointed out that a local magazine was awaiting a similar punishment - he later deleted the message and made his account protected-, most pursued more indirect routes, emphasizing "a magazine that insulted our prophet" in their twisted manner of justifying the attack. Most of these Twitter messages later disappeared but there were already screen captures. In most indirect ways, some pointed out that a cartoonist was fired before because of his anti-semitism. Thus implying that the freedom of expression was used against Islamic values... I am glad that most of people I follow have demonstrated solidarity with those fallen in the massacre as much as possible....