Holiday Inn's Secret Admirer

Well, the romance began on a roadtrip with my youngest daughter. Two huge fluffy perfect beds. Crisp, cool, sheets and an immaculate room just made her love blossom even more. My eight year old daughter was passionate and appreciative of this place called the Holiday Inn.


  1. The result was a series of Love Notes written with care by Rachel on those little square note pads with a Holiday Inn pen. (Doesn't every kid go looking for those things when they get in the room?) Each note was signed adoringly as "The Secret Admirer" . I suppose it's not so secret anymore. I love that she loves the same things I do. I love Mommy- Daughter time. It's the really simple things that they will remember most, I suspect. 
  2.                                                       Rachel - The Admirer

  3. Rachel age 8 #snapshot I took on #set in #westvirginia #wv #pigtails #countrygirl #coalminers #movingmountains #movie #actor #film
    Rachel age 8 #snapshot I took on #set in #westvirginia #wv #pigtails #countrygirl #coalminers #movingmountains #movie #actor #film
  4. DEAR HOLIDAY INN .......

  5. This pretty much sums up her feelings about Holiday Inn, I concur! XOXO ~ Your SECRET ADMIRER ...
  6. and those little note pads are the perfect place to pour out your feelings too .... EXPRESS YOURSELF ..... #STAYyou Never forget your #firstlove =)

  7. Kid Quote-  "My Crushes: Jack, Carter, Wesly, Pastor Steven" Too Cute!
  8. I think I have at least one more note she wrote to you Holiday Inn. When I find it, I'll share it!
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