Should Social Media be criminalized in Nigeria?

The President of the Nigerian Senate David Mark said that social media in Nigeria should be restricted, as Nigerians use social media to criticize their leaders with no opportunity for retraction. We asked you what you thought: Is there any place for social media to be restricted?

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  1. One user said that there was a difference between criticism and abuse.
  2. We had over 800 comments on the Sahara Reporters Facebook Page regarding David Mark's comments on social media. You can read them all here: Many people blasted David Mark himself, a man who was quoted years back as saying Nigeria was not ready for telecommunications:
  3. According to a friend, below is the message to David Mark. The Mark of error and insanity. If Social Media dents the image of Nigeria, what is corruption doing to her image? Are these people sane?
  4. TELL MARK TO MARK HIS SPEECH: Its so unfortunate for a country like Nigeria that is so blessed to have opportunist like David Mark as a Senate President. David Mark has proven over the years to be anti-populist and sentimental in almost all his vituperation. His recent statement at a function in the South-East has shown greatly that he is still living in the past. This is a man who once said that a recruit in the army is better than a graduate, its maybe true for his irk as his President is a graduate but perform poorly in governance. Mark also said that the Nigerian society is now yet ripe for telecommunication usage, to him; phones are not for poor Nigerians in his estimation. How time flies, Nigeria has the highest numbers of telephone users in the world including his poor kinsmen in Otukpo Benue state. To think that Mark has begun a plan to censor the social media is the height of his insensitivity and outright lost to reality. David Mark is enjoying democracy that he gang up to denied Nigerians when he said during his reign as Niger state Governor that Nigeria is not also ripe for it. Now a two time Senate President, Mark should concentrate on enacting laws that will benefit the entire populace rather than in willful thinking. Tell David Mark to mark his speech next time
  5. David Mark call for bloggs censorship.remember him same men during his day's as communication minister reportedly said telephone is not for the poor.enemies of progress!he said we should emulate foreign media's that never report anything nagative about there question is did nigerian politicians ever emulate their fellow foreign politicians that have improved the lifes of their subject?.
  6. We have morons at the helms of affairs in Nigeria and we enjoy having them because as citizens of this nation, we are docile, uncaring and criminally detached from what is happening in our country. David Mark, the Senate President, who in the time past claimed that telephone should not be for the poor is at it again. This time, he wants the social media such as Facebook, twitter, BBM, to be censored. Unbelievable!
  7. Muhammed Olarenwaju Isiaq wrote: Senate President David Mark once said Telephone is for the rich, now he wants social media to be scrutinized . This man just doesn't like mass communication in Nigeria! What the poor will use to organize themselves, he abhors. He is now public enemy number1.
  8. Some Facebook users called for an "Occupy David Mark" Movement. This message has been circling around Nigerian Facebook Users.
  9. “Attention: Occupy David Mark. The senate president must be stopped from his moves to restrict the use of social media in Nigeria, as it has been done in militarised countries of the world. He has been quoted as saying the social media is being used to insult leaders. We are not in North Korea, this is a democracy. “Occupy his telephone line and help save our only freedom of expression. Call, text and even flash 080350088**. Please re-broadcast.”