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Questioning The Integrity Of FIFA

Jack Warner resigns! Seems like the chickens have come home to roost. From my own coverage of Jack and football since the 80's I can tell you that at one time, when Blatter was secretary of FIFA and Joao Havelanche was president, there was no love lost between this pair.


  1. "the Australian bid team spent $2,500 in 2009 on a single-drop pearl necklace for Warner’s wife, Maureen, that appeared to be above the allowance permitted by FIFA. Bidders also spent $250,000 to $300,000 to pay for an under-20 youth national soccer team from Trinidad and Tobago to play a 2009 tournament in Cyprus...the money was paid through a travel agency that lists Warner and his family as directors" ... New York Times

  2. Sepp Blatter Re-elected FIFA President
  3. The British Press is turning up the heat. The Mirror has launched the Blatter Must Go campaign.
  4. "Inside the envelope was $40,000 in crisp, new 100-dollar bills, four packs each of $10,000. For many officials in the Caribbean it would be the equivalent of several years’ salary."

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  6. Warner Retaliates
  7. Under pressure from British FA, Blatter suspends Warner and Bin Hammam